Announcement today

The SEC will announce the two new opponents for each team at 5 this afternoon. I do not think the final schedules are being announced until next week, though. That will be the schedule that includes all the game dates.

I just heard we added Florida & Georgia. You can’t make this crap up. Not Vandy, not SC, not UK. Both UF & UG. Incredible.

Toughest schedule ever attempted by any school.



I vote to play KC Chiefs in the open date. Might as well.

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More on today’s announcement:

It took 2 weeks for the s e c to make this schedule out, amazing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It took a week to create the matchups. The nonconference games were canceled July 30, and from what I was told, the ADs met about this Wednesday in a teleconference.

The ACC announced its schedule yesterday. I suspect that’s why the SEC waited until today to announce its matchups. Now we wait for the actual dates.

Anybody think this was just the luck of the draw? If so, I’ve got this great bridge for sale. Now, I’d like to see the season cancelled. We get a vaccine in January and play our original 12 game schedule starting in Feb, 2021

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It’s obvious why they waited until late Friday to make the announcement.

That’s how I feel, too. Nothing worse to start a new coach who inherited a fragile program than to start out with another season with something like an 0-10 or 2-8 record. One of the things Pittman is selling is hope. That means he has to show progress. Almost impossible to show progress when a 10 game schedule will have UGA, Bama, LSU, UF, AU, & A&M when the “easy” teams are TN, OM, MSU, & MO.

They ought to be ashamed

I am beyond pissed!!! I would like to know what the rationale was for this crap!! Way to stick it to the team who hasn’t won a game in two years SEC hope you’re proud of yourself! I’m dead serious about looking into what made them do this, if I were Hunter I would absolutely demand an explanation. Totally ridiculous and unfair.

Meanwhile Bama gets Missouri and Kentucky! And you tell me this crap is not set up and fixed!!

Once again, SEC protects its top programs. We have seen it with officiating for years. They scheduled us to play Georgia and Florida to protect those teams. They see us as a bad team.

LSU gets Vandy and Mizzou…


It takes a lot to get me this mad! But this is beyond insane and makes absolutely no sense I would absolutely demand an explanation!!!

Explanation? It is easy to explain, they want to give their best teams the best opportunity to have a great record and get to the playoffs. Period. We are the sacrificial lamb. Well, us and Missouri.

That’s probably right but I sure as heck would want to see what their excuse for it is, they would never say that.

Coach hired from UGA. QB transfers from UFL. Hype.

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Yeah that’s how they would try to spin it for sure.

I was reading elsewhere that H Y signed off on this, in my opinion, if he did, us fans need to be given an explanation

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