Announcement Timing?

My guess is the Sunday after the last regular season game.

Pretty good guess if HY has our man by then.

By Dec. 1? I don’t see that happening. Most coaches are going to have games until Nov. 30, then the interview process begins.

The early signing period is Dec. 19-21. I think HY wants a coach in place as quick as possible for recruiting reasons. He mentioned in his presser the timing of termination now gives him a 3 week head start to the process. I’d be surprised if he waits until Dec. 1 to start interviewing candidates.

HY can talk to people’s agents on a daily basis before the 30th. Get everything done but the shouting.

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I can’t see any sitting coach, head or otherwise, interviewing before his season ends, and I don’t see Yurachek hiring any coach before he is able to interview them in person. Interest can be communicated through agents, but the interviews don’t take place until after the season.

I think the new coach probably will be announced more in the Dec. 3-6 range, and that is assuming Yurachek is not holding out to speak with someone who is in a conference championship game. The only thing that changes that timeline, in my mind, is if the new coach is not currently employed.

I could see an interview on Saturday night and announcement on Sunday. Or even interview Sunday morning.

Any thoughts on coaches who are not currently employed?

Waiting until the season is over is a long wait especially without time & opportunity for face to face meetings with top 3 or so coaching candidates & to show them the facilities.

Other than time to research the candidates & get some backgrounds, HY is effectively on hold. Had hoped the early termination of CCM enabled us to get a head start before other schools have time to fire coaches & jump start their searches. FSU & possibly So. Carolina & Vanderbilt (& Auburn) are schools that currently come to mind with competing HC job openings.

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I think it will come about the time it did last coaching change - around Dec. 7

We started the search three weeks later in 2017. I have to think HY can narrow the field considerably before he interviews one or two top candidates at the end of the month.

I would think the timing would vary greatly depending on whether he gets interest from his top 2 or 3 picks, or if has to dig into #s 8-10. If there’s great interest from his top pick, it could be early that week, maybe Mon - Tues. If he gets down to #s 8-10, it could even be the following week. I’m really hopeful he can sign one of his top 3 picks. I don’t really care who it is. I’m confident he will be good.

I agree with you. There were other reasons to pulling the trigger now and one of those was to be able to move quicker and have someone named quicker.

Sure, more work will be done because it was earlier, but I still think Dec. 1 is a little ambitious for the official announcement.