Anniversary: 38 Great Years

It’s time to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary, Dec. 23. I’ll cook tonight, fixing one of Jean Ann’s favorite meals – at least one of the few I can cook. It will be simple, steak and baked potato with a very good salad. Our daughter Sarah gets an invitation to the dinner. She broke her foot last night. She usually moves in with us on Christmas Eve, but she’s coming early today, crutches and her dog, too.

There are lots of anniversaries when you get this old. We are finishing up our 25th year at Hawgs Illustrated. We recently printed Volume 26, Issue 1. But the actual end of the 25 years comes on April 13, 2017. You start a new volume with the start of the calendar year and we started the magazine on Friday, April 13, 1992. For those who remember, the first issue was printed in late May of that year and had No. 13 Jason Allen on the cover. So I’m not scared of 13 in any way.

Great Clay! Feel for Sarah. I am sure she will tough it out. Just the way she is.

Happy Anniversary Clay. Celebrating 38 years is a big deal. We hit 45 years last August. It takes a special woman to put up with guys like us that are gone a lot because of our chosen field.

Very cool…

Congrats on the 38th Anniversary. Merry Christmas as well Clay, while I’m at it.
Now don’t burn that steak!

Congratulations Clay and thanks a lot for a very good year of Hog News! Best wishes through the Holidays.

Today is also our anniversary. 50 years. Seems like yesterday. Congratulations to you and your wife.

Wow, 50! That’s something to celebrate!

I’m a day late, but I hope you had a great anniversary.
And give Sarah my best. She will have to take it easy for a while.