Ankle hurt?

Toney playing??

I hope he plays, he’s a important spoke on our wheel and we need him to keep rolling! WPS

Sure do. What is one constant in the 3 years with Muss?

No major injuries…

Saw him before the game he was laughing so I expect he’s good. I don’t remember him ever getting hurt

He’s not starting so I don’t know without him I can’t see us winning for sure

Maybe I missed this info. but what is the update on Toney’s status?

If needed I would leave him out of the SEC tour.

From Eric Musselman’s press conference this afternoon. I asked today and was given kind of a non-answer. Personally I think he’ll be OK by next Friday:

“We’re not starting who we started tonight. I know that.” This is if Toney can’t go.

Ouch. I’m assuming that’s Devo. Guess he didn’t like the way he started on D.

Correct. That was in reference to Devo. Hogs were -18 today against the Vols when Devo played.

Wow. Devo just tries too hard…doesn’t let the game come to him. Not having Toney really hurt today.

Yea Toney being out really showed on both ends. But one bright spot these men adjusted at half time, came out better on defense & rebounding on both ends & made their runs.
Stepped up without one of the key players.

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