Angus Denton

I saw from Ryan Folkes’ twitter feed that he took a HK line drive to the throat (deflected off his glove) this weekend during a scrimmage. Any news about how serious that was?

Also, I know its been talked about in a couple of articles, but has there been any more word on what they might be expecting out of him or how his efforts to improve pitching to lefties has panned out this preseason?

Thanks in advance

Will check today at Swatter’s Club.

Denton is going to be a spot reliever. He’s the type that you bring in with a runner on first and one out, and he’ll get you a double play a lot of times.

And his spot use will be against righthanders. I covered that in my story from today’s Swatter’s Club after talking with Van Horn after it was over. They left him in to pitch to lefty Heston Kjerstad, who hit one at his face at about 105 mph. At least that’s what Van Horn said the exit speed of the ball was. They know that now with their technology.

Here’s a video of the hit:

Glad he’s alright.

that’s scary! lucky in wasn’t a little higher and did a lot of damage…hope he is OK!

OK, is he now known as Marshall Denton? I see that he is listed on the roster as Marshall, and his Twitter handle includes both names.

He prefers to be called Marshall now. His name is Marshall Angus Denton.

Van Horn still calls him Angus, as do most around the team.