Andy Staples on what Bielema's doing now

With six of his former players taking the field in the Super Bowl.

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Best thing he’s doing now is taking care of his body. Finally eating right. I’m sure his wife has put her foot down.

My daughter Becca eats great. That’s what she and her mom say she’s doing. I do try some of what she cooks now and then. It’s pretty good. But I can’t eat everything. It’s all organic and her number one shopping point is Whole Foods. The last three times Becca has been there, Bret and his wife were shopping, too. He seems happy about it. So good for him. I eat a bagel for breakfast, not a grapefruit. I’m probably not totally healthy, but I guess I’m not going to fall over anytime soon. I am working out and that’s good news for my legs. My motivation isn’t so much my heart, but my legs. I was feeling soreness in my knees after hiking on rocks in waders. Cant have that. Got to be strong for what I do on the river.

Becca is with us two or three nights a week. She lives on the Norfork River with her husband/fly fishing guide Kristopher Bouldin. But P&G gives her work at home ability as long as she is in the office a few days to start the week. So she rolls in to our house Monday night (after driving to work in office at P&G early from Norfork) and stays with us Monday and Tuesday night. She goes back to Norfork after work Wedneday and their beautiful home on a 5-acre wooded lot above the river.

I’m always interested to see what she’s making for dinner the two nights she cooks in our kitchen. Maybe I’ll try it, maybe I’ll go to Popeyes for some chicken. I never know. (Just to clear it up, I may go to Popeyes once every six months for a reward for eating good). Yeah, I love Popeyes. Nobody gives me any grief, either, because they know I do salads and light meals often enough that I should get some fried chicken every now and again.

Popeyes spicy fried chicken is the best. Kentucky fried burned down in west Little Rock. It was horrible. Popeyes is the best. Mashed potatoes and gravy are good also.

Bret’s house is near Fayetteville Athletic Club. I’m told he is there frequently now.

I’m glad to see he is getting opportunities to coach again.

I like the chicken there too Clay, but man oh man…the BISCUITS!!!

Good man - I hope he does well

I regret it didn’t work out

I wish him well - I hope we never play one of his teams

Agreed, Jackson. We don’t have one where I live, but when we come across one, we get the chicken with extra biscuits. Not good for my diet but we reheat them over the course of the next few meals.