Andy Staples on the weekend that was

Lots of Hogs stuff in here. Note to self: Next time Tessitore is assigned to a Hog game, put an extra hour on the DVR and stock up on the Maalox

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Funny you should say that. I did exactly that with the DVR. I added an hour and during the re-watch, I discovered I had the complete game minus the winning play. The DVR had shut down on the play where the TE catches the ball and goes down on the five yard line. I was so disappointed. Now I’ll make sure the set it for 2 hours over from now on!!


Since I was watching from home, I did edit my record options when the game went to OT. Of course, I was here to stop the recording when the game was over. That is the only thing that I miss about the old VCR. You could control when to record over the end of an overly long recording. I have some very long recordings on my DVR that I would love to shorten.

I was at the game, and set the DVR for 4 hours, as I usually do - knowing it will be too long unless the game goes into OT. As it turns out, that was about 3 minutes short of being long enough. It stopped recording as we were on our possession in the second OT.