Andy Staples on Jimbo in Aggieland

They ain’t hiring him to go 9-3, put it that way.

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But they are going to pay him all that money if he goes 0-12. Of course if does flop different guys will be writing the checks at the end than the ones who hired him.

I watched an interview with Jimbo and I don’t know why but I got the feeling he’s not as in to coaching as he used to be. Maybe I read it all wrong, but that along with the enormous pay day he took at a lesser school tells me he may be securing himself for life after coaching.

I hope I’m right maybe more than anything because I sure don’t want to see A&M build something great.

Guaranteed contracts can do that to a fella.

We have experience with contracts that gives a coach millions of dollars even if he’s not coaching…

Historically the Aggies always find away to screw a good thing up

Maybe this is the beginning of a major one

The universe is currently out of balance

The Razorbacks should be beating TAMU 3 out of every 4 games

The advantages held by aTm are vast. It’s not the same as during the SWC days. aTm has become the dominant force in texass football and football recruiting. Aggies have a vast state to recruit and they play in the SEC.


The only thing I like about your note is that with TAMU doing good - UTex (Spit) is sucking :sunglasses:

That makes me happy :boar: