Andy Staples on how early signing may benefit Hogs

BB is quoted in the story. And this makes sense. Bama may be waiting to see what happens with a five-star kid they want before they actually send the LOI to a four-star, and that paperwork may not be sent until February. Meanwhile BB will be happy to sign that kid in December and save Bama the decision.
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Bama and others will slow play a kid and the kid will have to make a decision whether sign in Dec. with someone ready to make it happen or wait on Bama or other top tier schools.

I’ve been saying this and then every time I do someone usually comes back and says it will somehow just help Bama. They’re probably right but I think it’s notable how much Saban hates it.

Correct Saban has been very out spoken about this and I can see why. He loses some of the control he has enjoyed in the past with recruits. Recruits and their families may not want to wait on Bama to play the wait and see game with their offers.

I thought it was funny how he poked fun at OM and freeze. I think the early period is good for us since we have Arkansas kids that will sign early and reduce workload and worry.

I think that it will make Bama, LSU and some of the others do it or get off the pot with a lot of their 1,1A, 1B guys, which will set up better for us.

It will make recruiting weekends during the season that much more important. It also means that more kids will probably work harder to finish high school early, sign in the early period, and go through bowl practices, which in turn means more true freshmen will be playing the next fall.

I believe some of these kids are still trying to get test scores in December, which also creates a bit more drama.

Some of the prima donna kids will probably still wait until February, as the focus on those left after December will be that much more intense. A cynical person might say that the kids that wait until February are more likely to be the subject of a bidding war, since the market shelves will be a bit barer and the pressure to reel in a big one will be that much greater.

I remember Bama coming after Scooter Harris after a recruit flipped, if we sign a kid in December, Bama or any other school can’t come get a schools signed recruits. This helps schools like Arkansas that identifies recruits and are willing to sign them early. Alabama, slow plays a player they are not willing to sign early holding out for the lottery 5* player. Alabama can do this and it works for them, but this rule
does not favor Bama, per say.