Andy Staples at the NW Arkansas TD Club: Upset Possible

Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated covered a lot of topics today at the Northwest Arkansas Touchdown Club: … hinks-ups/

Andy Staples offers some insightful analysis. Good read.

Arkansas’ run game must be prolific for the Hogs to even keep it close vs. 'Bama. Aside from a handful of plays I thought the run game was generally mediocre vs. Alcorn State. Not good.

I’m ready to head back down to Florida after reading that. Andy mentions the Red Bar in Grayton Beach as his favorite restaurant. It’s high on my list. It and the Great Southern Cafe - which is only a few miles away in Seaside - are must stops for us when we go to the gulf. We stayed in a house about 20 yards from the Red Bar last year and made multiple trips for the dessert and another for dinner. He mentions the key lime pie, but it has the best bread pudding I’ve ever tasted.

Is he from Arkansas originally?
I thought he had some sort of tie to the state

I don’t think so. He went to college at the University of Florida.

Perhaps you’re confusing him with a couple of national writers from USA Today. George Schroeder is from Little Rock and Dan Wolken is from Hot Springs.

We eat pretty good in Louisiana also, and (if you’re down here for the game next year and let me know) me and the wifemate have been known to cook up rather acceptable desserts (white chocolate crème brule, chocolate decadent cake, Meyer lemon curd pie, pecan pie, or many others). If you want to drop over after dinner out, let me know via e-mail (I’m much too old to learn how to do that other stuff) and we’ll be happy to have you (assuming that I don’t “cash in my chips” in the meantime).

Staples was asked where the best game day experience was to be found. His answer was at LSU, in part because of the wonderful things being cooked at all the tailgates.

I just found out that the Red Bar is owned by the guy who created Cafe Prego in the Heights in Little Rock. He is part of the Jacque and Suzzanne’s gang that turned around the food industry in Little Rock long ago. See page 2 in the article below:

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Bud and Ally’s in Seaside is outstanding. We ate there twice when we were down there this past June. It’s across the road from the post office.

Thanks. We’ll remember that.

There are some Arkansas items on the walls there. My brother-in-law noticed the Arkansas state seal a few months back.

We’ve eaten at the Bud and Ally’s taco stand next door, but never have made it into the restaurant. I’ve also heard great things about George’s at Alys Beach and The Bay at Santa Rosa. I’d also recommend the Hurricane Oyster Bar in Grayton Beach.

Yes, many years ago when I stumbled upon the RED BAR, I noticed a couple familiar street signs on the walls as decore’…when I commented to the waitress, “We have a GREEN MOUNTAIN DRIVE” in LR, pointing to the street sign, she chuckled and said, “owner must’ve stolen it, he’s from Little Rock”…