Andy Kennedy post-Arkansas presser

Some really strong stuff from Andy Kennedy after the game tonight if you’re interested.

If you can’t play for the name on the front of the uniform, you certainly ought to be able to play for the name on the back of the uniform. CAK makes a lot of sense with that statement.

That was brutal to watch, he was overly dramatic and just threw his team under the bus. It wasn’t as bad as he made it seem, they were really attacking the basket, and they fought hard for most of the second half and even cut the ball game down to 1 point. Burnett played his heart out and kept them in the ball game. He didn’t even mention how good he played. He was just being a drama queen and made it seem as if they got blew out by 50 points, when actually the game was competitive until the last few minutes. Arkansas was missing free throws and layups as well.

Antoine Walker talked about this on the SEC Network on how it was a bad look and Kennedy just quit on his team, after listening to this post game presser he’s right. Kennedy is giving off the vibe, he thought he had a good team, they ended up not being that good, and now he’s upset with it and doesn’t wanna coach anymore. I would a never thought it, but it’s obvious he’s lost his players and now I see why.

If a coach losses his players it’s not their fault it’s his. It’s his job to get these guys on the same page and buy in. That’s literally the most important part of being a head coach. If his team stops playing for him mid-season that’s all on him. All that “they play for the name of the back of their jersey” is crap. Burnett played his heart out tonight and instead of saying how proud he was of him and trying to focus on the positive he threw his players under the bus and went on a rant about how this was the worst game he’s ever seen, when they were only down by 1 point with like 5 minutes to go, give me a break.

I listened to Coach Kennedy’s press conference twice. I know he is a straight shooter and is boldly honest! He actually vented and said exactally how he has felt all this year after close losses and got it off his chest. Barnett is a warrior for that team. So is Davis! Not mentioning the players that left it on the floor was out of character for him!
They may not win another game this year he would probably be better off handing it over to an assistant and leaving. That my 2 cents. The winningest coach in Ole Miss history!
We may not done with coaching changes on the hard wood! I look for Georgia to part ways with Mark Fox if he can’t get the bulldogs into post season play. Auburn may also make a move on “Liar” Bruce Pearl! Nothing would suprise me out of big blue nation if “Greaseball” Cal extends his losing streak to 6 or 7 games and that may actually happen. It’s not over.
An announcer today made a comment that who could Ole Miss get that could do any better? That’s the reality of where the Rebels are in a tough much improved SEC!

It was a psychological ploy to challenge his players. He doesn’t have to worry about how anything he says is taken by the media any longer. He’s just trying to light a fire under them, and the talking heads can say whatever they want. It wasn’t a coincidence that Ole Miss played their worst ball in the second 10 minutes of the halves. So did USC and Vandy.

Your exactly right, I just looked at Davis stats he had 13 rebounds. Markell Crawford the Memphis transfer also had a good game.

If Kennedy wants to be mad and honest about stuff. He needs to be honest about that 4 guard lineup he runs. That’s not going to work anymore in the SEC, too many teams now with talented big men. Dustin Thomas was even posting up on his guards. He needs to look in the mirror on his recruiting, because those big men he has, I don’t even know any of their names, and I know most of the players name on every single SEC team, none of his bigs are SEC quality. He has the worst front court players in the SEC by far and it’s not even close, and that’s on him.

If that’s his idea, I see why they are on a losing streak. The problem is their front court sucks, their defense sucks, they are undersized at almost all times, and they can’t shoot the ball. If you’re going to be undersized you better be able to defend and shoot the ball, like Auburn does. If your undersized and you don’t have guys that can shoot the ball your team is not going to be good. That’s all recruiting right there.

I think the man spoke his mind honestly and I also hope that Ole Miss can get hot these next 4 games. The more games they win the more it would help the hogs.
We need to get some help grabbing the 4 seed in the SEC tournament. It is possible if we win 4 of the last 5 games. Only loss to Auburn.

I thought he was waaayyy overly dramatic, I thought he threw his team under the bus as well, but I did think they stunk it up. They had their moments but overall play wasn’t to sporty. It was a terrible game for most of it. It was like watching 2 teams both with the flu play each other. Brutal. He sounded like a guy that had been fired, but was trying to take it well, and just didn’t come out right.

I have seen this before. Do it the right way, and this doesnt happen.

I’m confused, does he have good players that he can’t motivate (and that’s on him) or does he not have good players because he can’t recruit (and that’s on him)? Or both?

His point is that whatever players he has they should be self motivated to play better than they are. I agree with that. He’s taking all the blame he can possibly take other than saying his players aren’t good enough for this caliber of basketball - which is respectable. So regardless of which way you answered my questions, the only thing, in my mind that is worth arguing about it, is whether you believe his players are self-motivated and giving it their all. If you do, then you disagree with what he said. If you think they could be more self-motivated, then you agree with him.

also his recruiting has been poor. not inside presence at all. he is responsible for that. i like kennedy, he has been a tough out for us until this year. first game was close at our place, last night looked like the team was more about i. there is no i in team.

I disagree. I’m not talking about his particular situation. He may have lost the players and he may have thrown them under the bus. But I do like the statement that if you can’t play for the name on the front at least play for the name on the back. That applies to Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee, etc. It is the coach’s job to motivate, but there has to be some self motivation as well.

How are you confused? I laid out everything in the post you quoted. He has good guards, but his front court is terrible, and he’s running 4 guard lineups most of the time, leaving his team being undersized. Have you not watched them play this year?

Also dude, I asked you earlier when you jumped all over Razorwill for asking about Hall’s free throw shooting what’s your problem? Every time you respond to someone that’s not praising everything someone is doing you always have an attitude and have a smart remark and trying to act like what they are saying is so outrageous. If you spent more time reading what people are actually saying rather than coming up with snarky remarks, you might not be confused so much.

Ultimately it’s on Kennedy’s head to recruit better, as has been noted they have nothing but stiffs inside. However, I get Kennedy’s point that Ole Miss was not playing as a team last night. So many times it was dribble, dribble, dribble and wild drive to the hoop or a contested outside shot. Is that coaching? I know in the “SEC wired statement” he as telling them to continue to pass and move to go from a “good shot to a great shot”. There is talent there in that backcourt, but I was joking last night with my brother when Gafford had a “an 1”, there was no one in the paint now for Ole Miss that is over 6’4. That is all on the HC.

Overall I think he has been a good coach at a program that doesn’t care much about BB. I thought he was honest in his assessment of how he has failed and the kids weren’t responding. As always the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Coach delivers over-the-top criticism to get a reaction. Shocking. That’s been going on since the first whistle was picked up. Herb Brooks called one of his players a candy… during the Olympics in 1980. I’m pretty sure it created the effect that he was hoping for.

I completely get that. But, most coaches when they do that didn’t quit with 7 games left in the season. We’ll agree to disagree on this one, I think Kennedy gave up and was venting at the end of the game. I don’t think it was some kind of psychological ploy to get them to play better. If he cared enough to do that, he could have cared enough to wait until the end of the season before quitting. That’s just my 2 cents.