Andy Kennedy out immediately at Ole Miss

Decided not to coach his final five games.

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I wonder what the inside story is?

They got whacked again at Miss State, and while I did not watch the game it would be a good guess that they quit playing hard when they got behind. There really is no telling what else might be going on behind the scene.

Whoever takes that job is probably going to have to clean out a not overly talented roster. I would not be surprised at quite a bit of roster turnover.

The Ole Miss AD will have to convince coaching candidates that: 1) there is a commitment to winning there at the same level as the rest of the conference; and 2) that the school will be patient as the new guy tries to recruit his way out of the hole.

It may be that the real story is exactly what everyone knows: Ole Miss tried to give the winningest coach in its program history an elegant exit when it became clear it was time for him to go. But Kennedy lost his team and he knew it, so it stepped aside with no hard feelings.

Sometimes (actually most of the time) there’s no backstory.

I’m glad he waited until after we played them. He lost the team several weeks ago. They quite playing for him or each other! In the Moo U game they simply let Moo U run to hole from anywhere on the floor. Players quite.

That’s what I’ve been thinking too. He made a comment after our game that he could let the assistants take over.