Andy Katz - Top 11 impact freshmen

Nick is #2

Anthony Black should be in the top 5 with Nick. No other team has a pg at Anthony’ size that can dribble, pass and attack the rim like he can. Like Muss said, Anthony is a totally unique player in college basketball this season. No other player like him out there.


I haven’t watched any video of Black. However, everything I read makes me think of Magic Johnson.

Am I close?

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Don’t know about Top 5, but he should be in Top 11. His class ranking was 15 and Andy has at least 5 in his Top 11 that are ranked below Black.

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Both Smith and Black are top 3 frosh in nation at their respective positions. No doubt about it.

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My thoughts exactly…except I think MJ was more refined offensively at this stage. Anxious to see the range of AB’s scoring abilities. I have the impression he’s a great teammate and scores as the last option.
UA…Campus of Champions

Nobody else in the country has an Anthony Black, but they ALL wish they did.


It’s just a travesty there no midnight madness with a dunk contest this year

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I wish they would have had a dunk contest at the red/white game.

I believe they are planning to do a dunk contest at the students-only event on November 3rd.

Too bad my student days are long behind me. I would love to see it.

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Earvin Johnson is “Magic”. Michael Jordan is “MJ”. Please don’t confuse me, at my age I’m pretty confused already.

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