Andy Katz said it

No more bubble for SEC. All set. Five will get in: Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas, Vanderbilt. Drama over for the SEC.

It’s still may be possible for one more to get in from the SEC! I still have a gut feeling that Ole Miss could back their way in. It start for them tonight. Beat the chickens.

The only way Ole Miss gets in is to win four games next week in Nashville. No chance of an at-large bid. Zero.

Andy Katz ESPN announcer I admire/respect about as much as I do trash littered on the side of the road. Many years ago if was a young Katz that said on ESPN and I quote “Nolan Richardson would never be hired again as a basketball coach he is to hard to fire”. I wonder where he got that from, such a bold statement from a first year announcer.

Don’t count Georgia out just yet either. I think they could be the 6th team. They will get Mateen back for the tournament. Their RPI is still respectable at 54. And they will have opportunities. If they can get past Tennessee in their first game, they get Kentucky, then potentially South Carolina. If they can win 3 games in the tournament I think they will get considered.

Would be great to see 5 or 6 teams get in from the SEC. They spend the entire conference season beating each other up. I’ve always believed the conference is better than given credit for by the national media or NCAA Selection Committee. Let’s face it. Over all college basketball , while still a better game to watch than the NBA IMO, isn’t as good as it was 20 years ago…, again IMO.