Andy Katz’s All Decade Arkansas team

Via Twitter, Andy Katz is conducting a hypothetical NCAA tournament between all decade teams for each school in a field of 68. For Arkansas, he had the following team


He didn’t name the players on the bench. I am picking


Your thoughts?

I’d replace Rotnei with Courtney Fortson

Good choice. That will gives us a PG in the second unit.

That our previous two coaches weren’t very good recruiters


Portis - 5*
Gafford - 4*
Barford - 4* JUCO
Macon - 4* JUCO
Qualls - 3*

Kingsley - 4*
Hannah’s - 3*
Rotnei - 4*
Fortson - 4*
Young - 5*
Powell - 4*

Yep, sure looks horrible to me.

Those guys could all play. And some are still playing. I don’t argue with that team at all.

Was Powell a JuCo also?

No, was class of 2009 (HS), played at AR 09-13

Displaying your normal level of objectivity and knowledge, I see.

I think that’s a good list. These hypothetical teams have always been fun to look at, argue about who’s better, and which team would win in a fantasy game.

2 5* in a decade. Not great for a program that I’m guessing most of this board would say is the 2nd or 3rd in the SEC and a top 20 program historically

Horrible is your word, not mine.

It was 2nd and 3rd on a five month average in SEC the last five years. I agree with you on that, Good point.

If number of 5* is the measuring stick, it will be interesting to watch what happens in the next decade. I hope we can beat the last decade.

Add to that these 4*s


I may have missed some.

I just went through the decade of recruiting with Pel and CMA (remember when Pel was here, CMA was at Missery). They tied for 5th with 5* (all belonged to CMA, though I still give Pel credit for the 11 class). And were 2nd overall with 4/5* totals.

3 - 5*, 25 4* (yep horrible, oops sorry weren’t very good, recruiters).

By the way, the 4 ahead of CMA with 5*, KY (all Cal), FL (most Billy D, White is lower on the recruiting front), Bama (3 belong to Avery Johnson), and LSU (Jones had 2 with Simmons class, and Wade had 2 with Reid). So, technically CMA is ahead of everyone but Cal, and Donovan. He’s tied with Avery.

Think the problem is folks like Hog2009 believe what CMA got was a slam dunk and did not require much recruiting. It will be interesting how they evaluate Coach Muss recruiting. Think opinions ultimately come down to whether you like the coach or not. Natural human reaction.

I agree on opinions, completely.

When it comes to Muss, I think his win/loss total will affect how his recruiting is perceived. He could land all 3* and below, but if he gets to the FF, everyone will talk about how great a recruiter he is.

What gets me, if you look up the recruiting during that time, TN was really good on the recruiting trail, then they weren’t (Pearl). Then AUB made an uptick after Pearl arrived. LSU, starting with the Simmons class, made huge jumps. Miss St had an uptick after Honest Ben. I think most get my point, something seems a little fi$hy

Not at all what I believe, but you seem to think you what I believe so I don’t imagine there’s anything I can do to change that.

I knew I was missing some. One at least. Jimmy Whitt, a 4*.

Agree that I guessed what I thought you believed. Really we should have you state that yourself. Bake and I have laid out what CMA did in recruiting of 5s and 4s. What do you expect from Muss recruiting? So far, in his five recruits, there is one 4*, Whitt.