Andy Katz Power Rankings (Top 36 Teams) … ent-nov-27

Arkansas comes in at #32. The Oklahoma team we just beat comes in right behind us at #33. Trae Young is going to win them a lot of games.

Arkansas is #33 in the new AP released today as well. #29 in Coaches. What got me is Houston is listed ahead of us in Katz 36

It’s pretty simple. The hogs need to take it one game at a time and win. The loss to the Tar Heels hurt this week. Maybe had an out of body experience aginst the hogs and reality set in against Michigan State.
The whistle for the walk was called. The fouls mounted up and the Spartans made shots. The hogs were ice cold and it cost them. The one sided whistle is going to happen and the hogs will have to make shots.
I believe the hogs will be ranked by mid January.

right. Non of this really matters in Match if they have the right amount of W’s in the win column. WPS one win at a time. Winning demands respect!

Beat Houston and Minnesota and they will be ranked before mid December

I’m glad we’re getting some nods, but like everyone else, I know it doesn’t mean much right now. If we continue to win, we’ll get plenty of respect & votes. The wins we’ve had & even our loss will serve us well come selection Sunday as long as we continue to win the games we’re supposed to & pick up one or two we hadn’t been predicted to.

I agree. I just thought it funny Katz had Houston at #30, they’re not listed in AP or Coaches (not even receiving votes). Minnesota, being a Top 15 Team, should get us recognition, but they play Miami and Rutgers. Miami is ranked 10th (or that’s what the Minnesota schedule says) and Rutgers is like us, undefeated and looking to make a name, very possible they (Minnesota) could have two losses before us. That could diminish a win.

FWIW the Massey composite of computer polls has us at #17.

Yes they will! It’s important not to have a bad loss.

The hogs have been left out of the Dance with plenty of wins before. We need to avoid bad losses and hold serve at home.
This team is better than the Portis Quails team! Better depth.

All I know is I’ve witnessed the best Razorback basketball that I’ve seen since the great Nolan teams. Cannot believe there are 35 better teams.

I am glad the Sec is strong this year

That will only make us stronger heading into tourney time

Really think both Gafford and Jones can really become stars as the season goes along. And to think this is just the second year with both Barford and Macon playing together.

There is an old wise saying that iron sharpens iron

We should be pretty sharp by March. Playing for a higher seed is where the hogs belong and Coach has us there this year. This is going to be fun to watch play out.

Georgia this is the best overall hog team since the 90’s in my opinion and could be better if Garland is cleared medically in December. Bracektology had us projected as a 11 seed and in my opinion we should be a 4 or 5 seed come time for the Dance.

Gafford has to learn to avoid fouls 30 feet from the basket! With him on the floor this team can protect the rim.
Adrio Bailey is the wild card on this team. He can flat play around the rim. Hall showed the outside shot with a good looking 3 against U Conn. also he can sky for rebounds. Trey needs to look for his shot more he has good touch.
The guards Macon, Bardford and Beard can all handle the ball and score but Beard gets wild at times going to the hole.
The FT % for the team needs to improve and we shoot well from 3 but don’t take very many. To beat teams like Florida and Texas A&M we will need to make a lot of 3’s. At the same time defending the 3 will be equally important.
We should beat the Kentucky freshman this year. They are over rated and hyped.
This will be a great year for the hogs.

I’m expecting Thomas to steadily increase the level of his play during December, too. His first action of the season was three games in four days against NCAAT-quality teams. That’s a challenging start without any warmups. Bailey is performing his role very well. PF isn’t looking like a weakness at all, and they are both going to improve.

Idk vs Carolina it looked like we could really use a front court offensive threat. Sometimes our guards will have rough shooting stretches. That is on our guards to get the ball to our bigs in easy scoring position too. Makes me think back to a recent Carolina game when we lived and lost by Bobby P’s ability to be the only player big enough to get off a clean midrange jumper.

I’m not saying that we should expect the PFs to carry us when the primary offensive threats let us down. That can be the case without them being a liability while performing their designated roles very well. On O we need them to get stickbacks and keep the defense honest. If we get more, few can hang with us.

We actually scored more efficiently against UNC than MSU did. UNC can defend. MSU’s forwards didn’t do much either. Their starting forwards had 10 points and 7 TOs combined. UNC collapses on the inside. MSU hit 10 treys against them. You’ve got to penetrate and kick out against them. I’d like to see what would happen in a rematch if we could get Macon and Barford on the floor for 30 minutes and Gafford on the floor for 25 minutes, not to mention a few FTAs.

I would like to see a rematch where the whistle blew fairly both ways! Maye got by with traveling a dozen times ! Our guards need to make shots and we can’t turn the ball over. Gafford has to be able to stay on the floor. Hall and Bailey can help more going forward sometimes it appears we overlook them.