Andy Katz gave us a big prop

I’m not exactly what he said it was " When Arkansas is good it makes the SEC much better or may college basketball. NOBODY made any follow up statements but watch out if we make another run next. It’s what I’ve be waiting for for 25 years.

Now I’m telling you I am biased but the sport of basketball help everybody (IMO) in the whole country.

I can be corrected if miss quoted about Andy but I think we are back in The Game, after 25 years!!

Thoughts anyone?

He has speaking of the atmosphere at Bud Walton and how the college game and SEC benefits when Arkansas is good due to the support and energy it brings. Andy K. has been around long enough to remember the great days of Arkansas basketball. Most fans and announcers of today have little history of that period. When Hawgs entered the first SEC tournament , Kentucky and other SEC teams knew something new and different had happened when half the stands were red to compete with the Ky blue half. Katz remembers that period.

Covid has been difficult and all the effects will not be known for years but this team should always be special in the history of the Arkansas program as we missed the tournament last year when Covid hit and our players never got to experience a loud and fired up atmosphere at Bud this year. I wish they could have had the entire support that was evidence the past two weeks for the Bud experience during their time on the Hill. College basketball is better when Arkansas is good. Hope Muss and returning players can build off this season and get full Bud and Hawg fan experience in person next season.

It was also great to see Pittman, Hunter, and other coaches supporting the basketball run. The State and Hawgs need that level of good feeling. It will help all aspects of the program when everyone is pulling together and outsiders sense and see that.

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