Andy Boykin enters the Portal

not surprised,just never got into the mix, so wish him the best…opens up a spot now…Go get a DL!!!

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Plus two more on defensive side

Hate losing a guy with his size. Was hoping he’d be the next disruptor in the middle of the Dline. I don’t believe we have too many of those body types right now, especially if Ridgeway declares for the draft

Big body, but he played in one game in two years.

Well crap….was hoping he would pan out for us! Gotta load up on the DL now…work over the portal!

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hard to tell if we coached him up or down. P5 material or is he gonna step down and play

Redshirt freshman defensive lineman Andy Boykin, true freshman defensive back Jermaine Jordan-Hamilton and redshirt linebacker J.T. Towers have become the latest Arkansas players to enter the transfer portal, Coach Sam Pittman confirmed Wednesday.

None of the three played this season. Boykin played in one game in 2020 against Ole Miss.

Junior running back Josh Oglesby, true freshman defensive tackle Solomon Wright and sophomore kicker Vito Calvaruso previously entered the portal.

Oglesby, who also was a sprinter on the track and field team, announced he is transferring to Stephen F. Austin.

I’m with you, deja, I really thought he’d be a player for us. Not sure what I based that on, lol. we sure need more hits, and fewer misses, in our recruiting.

wish him the best.


247 portal page says DB Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan and LB JT Towers have also entered the portal. Hamilton-Jordan had a scholie, Towers was a walkon,

As I understand the new rule, we can replace Boykin and Hamilton-Jordan in the February signing period. So that means as of now we can bring in 27 new players including portal. We’re at 23 now counting Jackson and Haselwood.

wow, Hamilton-Jordan has been on campus about 4 months and he’s transferring? he had good size. would love to know the stories behind some of these guys.

Towers never seemed to have the frame or speed for SEC, and if he wants to play a lot, it’ll likely be smaller division. Boykin? heck if i know, but he has the body for any league.


I thought Towers originally was a scholarship player. Rivals shows him signing as part of the 2020 class.

Hmm. I looked for Towers in previous classes and didn’t see him. But I see him now. OK, that makes 28 total.

Towers got suspended indefinitely at the beginning of the year, and I don’t recall him ever being on the sidelines in a uniform at any home game.

Add Turner to list. That is 4 w more to go

The new rule allows signing up to seven extra, so if three more benchwarmers bail out, we can replace them.

Andy passed the eye test but not on the field.

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