Andrew Parker

is expected to have an in-home with Texas A&M and is expected to visit the Aggies this weekend.

I heard this was possibility earlier in the day.

Geeeeez! He just committed yesterday.

What’s the deal here?

Seems fishy!

I’m not saying this about Andrew, specifically. Don’t know much about the young man.

However, in general, I’ve often wondered if this generation of kids understands what the word “commitment” means?

If he wants to entertain the Aggie coaches and take a visit - that is his prerogative. No problem with that. But DON’T “COMMIT” to another school, and then flirt with the Aggies. If that’s what you want to do, just say you had a great visit, are very high on Arkansas, and will be making your final decision very soon.

SMH . . .

It’s become just a word. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen a commitment one day, and schedule visits the next before.

Arkansas knows about it. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Rd, do you have any idea who will be visiting A&M the same time he does if he decides to? He might could help on recruiting some for us. Just a thought.

That’s a good way to end an OV short. I remember when BB sent a kid home for that.


That’s a good way to end an OV short. I remember when BB sent a kid home for that.

[/quote] I remember that, just thinking positive here.

Does Tyus Wheat move now up the board?

A lot of nerve for a guy with a freaking Georgetown offer. I would pull it if I were Hogs. Ridiculous.

I hear what you guys are saying…and tend to agree. But I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt here as he is possibly getting caught up in the attention; after all, until now it was much smaller profile schools that were coming after him. I feel confident that the coaches have a pretty good handle on his level of commitment.

Something makes me think this might be as much about our new DC leaving and trying to lure A&M recruits away. Maybe I am wrong.

Just remember everyone, we flipped 2 players from Miss State, And had an Oklahoma commit over that I’m sure we threw everything we had at.

It’s the nature of college football now. It’s irritating but the talented ones want to be well informed. My buddy is a Miami fan. I would rip out my hair dealing with the UF, FSU, Miami drama with Florida players.

Bring on Brule and Moody!

As long as we get Wilson Winkel on the DL and OL.

Definitely not #Uncommon

Yea, that’s a pretty risky move unless he has an offer already on the table from A&M… He’s has to realize he’s not playing with house money on this one…

A&M just offered Parker.