Andrew Parker

He’s removed all mentions of the Hogs off his twitter. I’m assuming he’s flipping to Tejas!

Not a surprise, he was never truly committed.

Hopefully they can get Jalyn Moody, who is the better prospect of the two.

Text from Andrew

Will anounce my decision by Wednesday and will have it made by tomorrow

Yeah, he’s gone.

If he goes to the longhorns then he will be attending the school I hate the most!

Your interview with him didn’t give me any confidence in him sticking with us, only thing I heard positive was him noting we were the 1st P5 offer. He seemed much more excited about the A&M and UT offers IMO. Someone mentioned Moody being a better candidate I don’t think so, thought Moody was plan B and if his offer from Bama is real I expect he is gone as well, for obvious reasons and distance.

Thanks RD

Why are we losing commits?

We are left lane hammering down. Mercy.

Again, Arkansas was Parker’s lone big-time offer until Texas and Texas A&M both came along after his visit and after he committed to the Razorbacks.

He was fully committed to Arkansas…for a day and then he got more options.

What Dudley said and the old way you still had full class still available where you have 20 to 30% now so schools are all focused on the small pool of talent.

Andrew just got an offer from us (Ole Miss) today. Very odd for this late. Our sites are saying there is some smoke here. Relationship likely formed with Sumrall, our new LB coach. We’ll all know in am.

By the way, the early signing period was brutal for any new staff. That is one of the reasons Luke was retained at OM. Too many kids ending recruiting early. MSU has had the same issue. They’ve added NO new recruits since Moorhead came on board and have lost two to other schools, Arkansas being one of them. Give the new staff time. I liked Morris as a replacement for Freeze. He’s a good one.

That’s interesting with Parker. Ole Miss’ strategy may have worked out well in keeping Luke–at least for this recruiting class anyway.