Andrew Parker to the portal

Wish him the best. Pulling for him.

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He was doing well early. I guess he saw the writing on the wall with the recruiting, Bumper returning, and the Bama transfer.

With the other New Orleans players being recruited to return back to South LA, I kind of wondered if he would be included.If they were happy with him, there would not be the recruiting of players at his position in the portal.

Best of luck to him, he’s a big kid he should be able to help somebody.

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Looks like being able to sign 7 extra to cover portal losses is a serious underestimate.

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Hate losing him….always kept hoping he would pan out and be a stud starter for us at LB, he has got the build for it. Just not sure what happened and wish him well!

Jalen Williams went in and out back to home also by going Southern Miss. Injuries took him out of consideration when he showed some potential at Jones CC. I believe we have more out than back in as of the moment.

He would have started; I don’t get this.

No he wouldn’t have started with Bumper coming back and Drew Sanders transferring in… plus we’re bringing in three very good LB this yr… I think he made the right decision…

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I was thinking the Hogs run 3 LBs at least 50% of the first three down plays.

He obviously knows more about the situation than we do… he didn’t foresee playing time so he thought it best to try somewhere else.

He wasn’t going to start. Chris Paul has passed him. He wasn’t going to play much at LB this upcoming year, mainly special teams.

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That’s a shame. Wish him the best!

True. But but CSP and staff has to find the right fits for the offensive and defensive systems they run.

My sentiment exactly. A perfect physical specimen for LB position. He apparently is lacking a little somewhere…speed? I simply don’t know. He could certainly have helped us a lot as a back-up and maybe even as a starter since he has 2 years left.

Wish him the best and appreciate his time with the Razorbacks. WPS

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