Andrew Parker - for RD, Clay, Scottie...anyone

Andrew Parker was one of the guys we signed that I thought would really stand out this summer and make a jump up in maybe the 2nd group of LB’s. However, I have not read much if anything on him at all in camp. Did I miss something, is he hurt? Or could it be that it is just taking him longer to get up to speed? Just curious if anyone has any insight or information on him.

Thanks…I will hang up and listen now!

I just posted my practice observations from today, and Parker was in a yellow jersey riding one of the exercise bikes away from practice. Early in fall camp I talked to Dre Greenlaw about Parker, and he seemed to really like his ability. Apparently there’s been a setback with him.

Ugh…hate to hear that. Thank you for the update Scottie. Wonder what he injured or how he got injured. Any other news you get would be great.

CCM said in today’s presser that it was tightness in his hamstring. Seems like we are hearing a lot about hamstring injuries this fall. They have taken the place of the overabundance of foot injuries.

I think he has great potential.

You’re right. I should have asked Morris about the hamstrings today. I’ll ask him at the NWA Touchdown Club in the morning.

Morris wasn’t made available to us at the Touchdown Club today, but I plan to ask players and coordinators about this this evening.

Thanks, Scottie, for your persistence.

Thank you for checking in on it Scottie. His upside is HUGE but maybe coming from the classification he was in will take a little longer to get adjusted to the SEC. Obviously this is the norm for most true freshman in this conference, let alone other Power 5 programs as well. I really think in time he will be a stud for us at LB!

I’ll tell you what. From looking at his picture in the latest “Hawgs Illustrated” magazine, he could be a 5 star. The kid looks the part. I have not seen his video but I too am curious.

Oh I agree completely with you on that statement! He has a huge upside!