Andrew just got

hosed with bases loaded. He gave an earful and should have. Red Sox still lead 4-1 bottom 8.

Yup, and the plate umpire is the infamous Angel Hernandez, showing his stuff.

Once again, Benny and the Sox get the Astros in the postseason. Houston knocked the Bosox out last year but this time Boston has homefield advantage. Of course Houston never needed the homefield advantage in last year’s series since it ended in Boston in 4. Hard to believe a team that won 108 games is an underdog but I think Houston, with the best road record in MLB in a long, long time and better starting pitching, will win the series.

Hernandez gave Benintendi a lot of leash, more than you typically see an umpire give a player arguing balls and strikes. I think he knew he missed it. It looked to me like he got caught up in the moment with the crowd into the game.

Hopefully Angel will not be in the World Series … -hernandez

Analytics on MLB Tonight show he did a good job of balls and strikes.

It was 6.2 percent misses instead of the MLB average of 8.4.

His calls at first base being overturned the night before probably factor into things.

have been a life long Yankees fan as my mom was from Connecticut and used to spend 6 weeks every summer up there.the advantage of being the only grandson was i got to witness many Yankees games at the old stadium…Boston was the better team this year…they started of hot and never had any slumps;their starting pitching was exceptional;and the outfield is one of the most athletic i’ve seen…will root for andrew…but can not root for the sox…will be in Connecticut so probably won’t keep up with the series.

Aren’t the Red Sox the most popular team in Connecticut? It should be easy to keep up. :smiley:

matt…they are in northern Connecticut…as you get closer to Mass.but in southwestern Connecticut and southern…its the Yankees and NY football Giants :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: