Andrew Benintendi fireworks

Currently 5 for 5 at the plate with 2 HRs, a double, and 6 RBI against the Rangers. Also had a highlight reel catch.

And just a day after a two-RBI, game-winning hit last night.

He is just a tremendous young player. This was his second 5 hit game of the year. Most players never have one of those games in their careers. He might be in the World Series this year, if the Astros are not.

… includes all of his hits plus the catch!

Link: Benintendi drives in six, flashes leather

I saw some of that game. Should’ve just watched the whole game, but who knew he’d have that kind of night? I did catch the announcers mention he’d played at Arkansas & saw the Razorback sign held up by a fan after one of his hits. Proud he’s one of ours.

Most years, I will watch several of the Ranger games; this year, they are so mediocre that I normally watch something else (Netflix, etc.) and record the Ranger game. Then, if it’s competitive, I may turn over and watch the last couple of innings live.

In the case of Benintendi - who I am MUCH more interested in that the Rangers - I did the same thing, except fast forwarded to each of his at bats until I had caught up with the recording; then I’d go back to Netflix and come back over again in an hour and catch up again. In that way, I spent about 15 minutes of watch time and saw ALL of the game (and AB’s performance) that I was really interested in.

I do that for any game telecast that I can get involving the Red Sox. I don’t have any special MLB package, but between ESPN, FOX and the MLB network, I get to see probably 30% of their games.

Just can’t work up any interest in MLB until the World Series & even then it varies between idle curiosity & “I’ll watch a while if the game is good.” However, I am very interested in how our Hogs in the majors do. I’ve become about as diehard a Razorback baseball fan as anyone can be, though. That’s only happened over the past 15 years or so, however. Oh, I always wanted them to win, but I hardly lived & breathed it. Now I not only watch or listen to every game I can get access to, I’ve found myself watching other college baseball games. Watched much of the CWS & watched both final games between the corndogs & the wallets. Kept thinking of all the scenarios of how it could’ve been us.

I could have written the post above myself - pretty much captures my opinions on both MLB and Razorback Baseball, though I started paying more attention to the Baseball Hogs a little bit before you. However, I wasn’t able to follow them as closely as I would have liked until the advent of the internet and streamed broadcasts, living out of state. So, my “interest curve” has spiked in the last 15 years, as has yours.

WizardofhOgZ and Neastarkie, what is this college baseball thing of which you speak? Do you think it is something that I might enjoy?

:lol: I think if you ever went to a game, it might get into your blood a bit, Marty. :smiley:

I was in Houston a few years ago for dog shows and visiting with our old friend MalvernHog. He explained to me that there was a professional team in town playing a game that I might enjoy. It has a small white ball and the players try to hit said small white ball with a stick. Then he bought tickets and took me to the game. I think it was the Cubs @ the Astros. :smiley:

MLB used to be more appealing when players were loyal to a team and teams were more loyal to the players. It’s all business and in my case I don’t watch MLB games until the playoffs begin.
I used to go to St Louis for a few 3 or 4 game series years ago each season. Now I’m more interested in playing with kids and grandkids and fishing and my hogs!
NBA, NFL and MLB all have taken steps to support liberal and moral unethical stances that are against what I believe in. So has our country!

Aside from the political slant, I think you’ve nailed it. I understand the business aspect of it and certainly understand how things improved for players following the Curt Flood case, but it’s just hard to identify with a “team” that changes so often. Your team’s hero today is its hated adversary tomorrow & then moves to a 3rd team you don’t even play against the next day. I think one reason minor league baseball isn’t especially popular except as “something to do” is that players don’t stick around long enough to matter. They have no link to the hometown or home team.

I’ll see him play this coming Saturday.

I am glad there is no MLB team really in my backyard. I would go. I just stick to the Razorbacks in baseball now. I grew up around the Arkansas Travelers. I mean literally. My dad took me and my three brothers to every game from the time we can remember. Eventually, all of us got jobs selling stuff, or working as ball boys, bat boys, foul ball chasers, etc. I had one summer where I sat on the grand stand roof in a folding chair. There was a fence at the back to stop foul balls from rolling over. I would get them and roll them down the screen between innings. I think I got $3 per game. It was a great place to watch baseball. I was there one night for one of the famous brawls. It was maybe in the 17th inning. Not many were left in the park. I sat horrified as players chased each other with bats. I was glad I was in a good safe place, so to speak.