I don’t care what anyone says or even how many games we win he is the worst coach ever on playing time.

Watkins,cook trey,beard have no business playing together. None!

Beard and Watkins are slow are horrible scorers

This is why games are always so close. Get a lead put these guys in and watch the lead disappear

I agree about Beard and Watkins they are playing way too much. Watkins should be around 20 MPG, not 30 MPG. And I’m confused on why Macon’s minutes are going down, everything looks smoother with him out there. As far as Beard, he’s been pretty bad for at least a couple weeks now, we’re playing for a tournament spot, this ain’t time to figure things out. He should just be getting in to give a quick breather. Definitely shouldn’t be in to close halves or on key defensive possessions.

He’s only playing good D and putting points on the board…makes sense

I used to think you knew your stuff. :expressionless:

Watkins and Beard combined for 18 points today. That was the final margin.

close, final score: 85-67, 18pts margin, perhaps you were looking at a different game. or you one of those wishful thinkers.

We play a deep rotation, and always will so long as we have enough bodies.

This year we have enough bodies. It does wear teams out, especially late in the year. Did you notice how dead Georgia’s legs were in the second half?
Watkins and Beard both did some nice things today, especially in the second half.

Those numbers are skewed due to us running away with it in the second half. Both got majority of points when the game was pretty much over.

And I have no problem with Watkins game, he’s playing at a high level now and him being the leader in the starting lineup has worked out well. I just don’t think he should be playing more than Macon. The last few games he’s been getting close to 30 MPG, while Macon’s minutes have been steady dropping. Wouldn’t you agree Macon is an overall better player? I just think to be successful in the tournament Macon playing at his best gives us a better chance to advance rather than Watkins playing at his best.

Also, as far as Beard, he has been struggling the past couple of weeks, that’s no secret to anyone, Jimmy has even wrote about it. He played horrible in the first half of this game, but did finish with some fast break layups in the second half when we were up by double digits. Maybe that gets him going for next game, but my opinion stays the same that he hasn’t played well enough lately to justify a lot of minutes. Whenever guys like Cook, Thomas, or Thompson don’t play well they ride the pine the majority of the game.

I’m one of the more positive guys on here and I always defend CMA, but I agree with his assessment of that lineup he mentioned. It isn’t good at all. I’d like to see the +/- of that unit this year.

With that said, we did what we were suppose to do and used bodies to wear Georgia down and secured us a spot in the tournament. Looking forward to next week!

That combination on the floor together at times is not real pretty. It was ugly but the tempo wore Georgia out! JJ was tired and it caused him to foul. I’d say everyone did played fine. We had some bone head plays by the whole team. You take the good with the bad.
Cook need more playing early near year.
Beard was on both ends of the spectrum today but comparing to the Florida game at least he helped today. He will be important to this team to win moving forward.
I thought we had some nice passing at times in this game. Also the orange went through the hole.

as I said it doesn’t matter if we won, the way he plays them will never lead us deep in sec or ncaa.

I like Mike as our coach but he has done this forever. u cannot play without out at least 3 scoring options,

beard thinks he is a shooter and is not, he can score but I sure don’t want him shooting 3’s
same with Manny.

My biggest gripe with MA has always been that in the middle of the first half he often puts a 5 on the floor together that has few if any scorers.

He has explained that he often uses the second unit to wear the other team down and own the second half.

While this approach is frustrating, it often works.

I can’t say I disagree with your general proposition that he too often gets stuck with lineups that lack scoring.

But, the worst coach EVER when it comes to lineups or anything for that matter?

Manny and Trey are playing too much? I’m not so sure. Basketball is made up of many things. Scoring is important, but so is keeping your opponent from scoring, rebounding, etc.

In an effort to quantify these things, especially for “glue” guys, NBA stat heads have developed a number of stats beyond the traditional ones to evaluate players. They include but aren’t limited to:

OWS – Offensive Win Shares; an estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player due to his offense.
DWS – Defensive Win Shares; an estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player due to his defense.
WS – Win Shares; an estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player due to his offense and defense.
WS/40 – Win Shares Per 40 Minutes; an estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player per 40 minutes (average is approximately .100).
OBPM – Offensive Box Plus/Minus
A box score estimate of the offensive points per 100 possessions a player contributed above a league-average player, translated to an average team.
DBPM – Defensive Box Plus/Minus
A box score estimate of the defensive points per 100 possessions a player contributed above a league-average player, translated to an average team.
▼ – Box Plus/Minus
A box score estimate of the points per 100 possessions a player contributed above a league-average player, translated to an average team.

And, if you look at those stats, I think you’ll realize Manny and Trey, particularly are much more valuable than you think and have earned their playing time. Here are the team ranking for each in each of those stats relative to their teammates:

OWS: Manny 4th, Anton 5th Trey 7th
DWS: Manny 2nd Trey 4th Anton 7th
WS: Manny 4th Trey 6th Anton 7th
WS/40: Trey 3rd Manny 5th Anton 7th
OBPM: Manny 3rd Anton 5th Trey 6th
DBPM Trey 1st Manny 4th Anton 10th
BPM Trey 1st Manny 2nd Anton 7th

Boiled down, those #s basically suggest that if anything, Trey and Manny should be playing more and Anton should be playing less (as he has lately).

And, the objective, advanced stats suggest that the guy you say is the worst ever in picking a lineup is on to something in thinking that Manny and Trey are very valuable and check a lot of the boxes that matter to coaches and win games but may lead frustrated fans to unfairly pigeonhole them as players that they are not.

That may not matter to you. Your post seems to suggest you have your opinion of those guys and are sticking with it, regardless.

I have to admit that Manny has played really well this year. He does so many things that go unnoticed, as far as the box score is concerned. This year he even keeps defenses honest with a few baskets here and there. They can no longer play 5 vs. 4 when he is in there. On the other hand, Anton has not played well but he is capable of coming out of his slump anytime. Ease up my man, this team has played really well since the rocky stretch mid way thru the season.

It’s threads like this that give message boards a bad name.

I would give you some insight but since you don’t care what anyone says I’ll refrain. But, hey, thanks for letting us know your thoughts.

I will play , prove me wrong please and I will be glad to admit it but all u need to do is watch the droughts and who is on the floor

Comments: hey you don’t have to justify your Mike
Criticism to me if it is only a perception. On the hand if you speak as it is a fact I will share my thoughts. Bottom line all three of the names you mentioned contributed at key times in tonight’s victory. Hence how do you justify blame when we are celebrating a victory, actually a run away/blowout. Listen the hawgs struggles against quick explosive guards and very athletic 4’s with length that can also put the ball on floor, but most teams struggle trying to defend that type of player, and our 4’s are still adjusting. Bottom line the season isn’t over yet lets hold our negative criticism after the season.

All three of these guys have made plays that were needed for the team to win.
Moving forward they are equally important.
Just consider this aginst Georgia Macon was 1/8 from the floor and scored just 3 points for the game. He had a rough time putting it in the hole in that game! We all know he is important to the team this year and next year. He needs to be scoring. With this team there are options of players that have the ability to score and lead the team in scoring. We should be proud to be lucky that we have so many different options. In the past that has not been the case. Moving forward we all need to be positive. After next weekend we will be one of 68 teams in the Dance. Be happy!