Anderson still searching for core pieces

“I’m still looking and trying to find the guys that can go out there and perform.”

On Mike Anderson attempting to nail down his core group as Arkansas’ season opener against Texas approaches: … core-guys/

I believe he will tinker with the lineups until the 2nd platoon of players are nearly as lethal as the starters.

This may continue up until SEC play rolls around in January.

That playing with the lineup and rotation of 2 groups has been a constant under Mike Anderson. He finds what he believes will work and will change it in SEC play too!
The depth of this team seems like it will be more effective this season. Being young isn’t such a big deal. They will make mistakes but they have talent. It would be nice to see a Higs team in the top 4 rebounding and totals defense. That’s achievable.

I know MA is stressing more / better defense this year, but that’s a given every year & I think more a reflection to last yearscsub par defensive play.

That said I think he really wants a scrappy 2nd unit that comes in creates turn overs and runs.
Of course you want that from both platoons, but the 1st unit might be more instructed to run the offense & play good defense naturally. Fresher legs late.

We usually faltered last year late in games when legs were tired & fatigued players made mistakes or couldn’t hit shots.

I don’t know much about this team but my gut instinct is they will get beat on the boards with nobody over 6’7 starting beside Gafford(who hasn’t yet shown to be a dominant rebounder himself) Texas has about 4 guys over 6’9 and most SEC teams will too.We have never been good rebounding team b/c of our style but this is a small team this yr,very scrappy but small…we will see…hope I’m wrong.

They’ve got one 6-10 guy-Ibrahim Ali, and three 6-8 guys- Chaney, Ethan Henderson, and Gabe. Gabe and Chaney are both about 220 pounds and aggressive. Bailey is 6-6 222 and has demonstrated aggressiveness on the boards as well.

We also have three big guards at 6-5- Joe, Phillips and Jones.

So we actually have more than adequate height, including some height with enough weight to hang in their in the low post. You always worry about whether young players are going to have enough strength versus older bigs, but this roster has good height. More importantly, several of those guys have the long arms that create pressure, deflections and turnovers.

Mike’s teams always get beat on the boards. It’s a function of how we play defense (and we don’t box out very well either). But somehow he manages to win anyway.

Usually good defensive teams coincide with better rebounding teams. Defense is a lot about position & collapsing inside which in turn puts them in better rebounding position.
As opponents have done in the past though drawing our big men outside creating mismatches which left lack of rebounders in the paint or spread us out completely.
I believe we have better athletes now with more athletic 6-8 forwards & 6-4+ guards in the rotation. We will get more offensive rebounds with this team than in the past.