Anderson Question

This is not a knock on the coach, but rather a curiosity. Is Anderson the only coach capable of doing interviews? Does he simply keep the assistants off limits or have I missed them doing interviews? It just seems like a good recruiting tool to have his assistants exposed from time-to-time through the media, but I can’t remember anyone but Anderson doing media events. Maybe I’m used to CBB’s way of having assistants give their assessments every week of the season.

You’ve missed it. All coaches have given interviews.

Thanks, got to quit playing so much golf and pay attention…

Huh???Name me one program in the nation that the media would like to hear from the assistant coaches rather than the head coach???

Assistants doing interviews is generally either (a) the boss is tired of doing all the talking himself or (b) the head guy letting the coordinators cover their own areas. MA doesn’t have coordinators, so that’s out. Watkins was the boss for years at A&M and elsewhere and certainly can handle himself with a mic stuck in his grill. Zimmerman did the scouting report for pregame radio, then wound up doing the radio himself when he got reassigned. Scotty, of course, just came off the radio. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard TJ be interviewed but I don’t watch much TV news so may easily have missed it.

I heard TJ do the radio post game at least once or twice last season.

New England Patriots

comments: not sure of any real value it provides to defer to your assistances especially if your references is to post games interviews. I would imagine the media core would not be happy with that decision. regardless, you’ve seen or heard Scotty talk I thought he did an excellent job as the analyst on the razorback network radio broadcast. Watkins a former head coach at Texas A&M and the interim head coach at Mizzou is very seasoned in all areas, and from time to time TJ has addressed the media.

I have heard TJ, Watkins, Scotty on radio talk shows and post game. This is a non issue. There aren’t just as many opportunities for basketball coaches as football coaches. Media seeks out football coaches more.


Things are going well. Let’s see if there is something to nit pick.

No hidden agenda, as stated a curiosity. I don’t listen to the games on radio since virtually all of them are televised and living in South Florida not surrounded by Razorback media. My exposure, other than (ESPN, CBS, etc.) TV and the SEC Network, is Wholehogsports and haven’t seen an interview by anyone but Anderson. No more, no less. I knew with the vast Hog experience on this board there would be a logical answer along with the usual nonlogical ones.