Anderson Must Go!

This is worse than Stan Heath.

Beard has left his guy open 3 times. Manny has left his guy wide open 3 times. That’s 18 points. I don’t know how I blame Mike for that.

He makes $2M and should be in their a** instead of looking lost. Show some fire

Ultimately, it is Mike’s job Tom get them to play EVERY NIGHT FOR 40 minutes.

At this point, if this is all we get from him as a coach the rest of this year, no question, recruits or not, he needs to be fired. Embarrassing effort…no excuse. He simply isn’t getting it done. Sad. Things were looking up for the next two years but I don’t see how he can turn this around.

If it was just this particular game, then, yeah, maybe it’s only on the players and not the coach. But this is a repetitive issue with the team. It never gets fixed in practice. It looks like coaching is more at fault here than players. They look confused on D and O. After more than 20 games, that should not be the case.

IMO Anderson is too comfortable in his position.

What about the games he has won?

What about them?

Game ha been tied since 4 minutes left in first half. The 19-0 run killed us. As it would any team.

That why teams play defense.

Is this a joke?

And what is your point? Should we be given a participation trophy for playing them well after we slept walked the first 10 minutes of the game. Sorry, no excuses.

Participation trophy. Now that was funny

I give him credit for the games he has won. I wish we had a signature win among them. I like him and want him to succeed. I’m not calling for his firing. But do you think the inconsistency has nothing to do with coaching?

Dream job, making 2 mill, unfireable, 2018 recruiting class…yup, mike is set

AR repeating a pattern they have set the past so many years. At the stretch run, they do not beat the teams they suppose to, and get knocked out the post season. Same is happening now.

how much does zimmerman not being on the bench relate to the problems?with him and scotty trading places this year could that be part of the problem?

Less than zero.

Firing a coach! What would you do then.
The last time we had a solid recruiting class coming in they fired Nolan.
Dusty Hannah’s in the news conference summed it up! I don’t have any real explaination for this. We need to watch the tape get in the gym and figure it out. We have not given up. Time for a players only meeting and someone taking charge
By no means so we fire our coach