Anderson: Jones 'starting to figure it out'

For the better part of Arkansas’ three SEC games, Mason Jones has been the Razorbacks’ most consistently aggressive guard.

“I think Mason’s starting to figure it out,” Anderson said. More: … re-it-out/

Mason Jones is a smart player and a good one. What a pickup he has been…He doesn’t have super athletic skills, but who cares…he knows and can play the game. We need some more of these guys who can play. He is a ball player. He doesn’t make many errors and is productive. We need 2-3 more guys just like him.

I believe we may see more guys like Mason Jones come to play for Coach Anderson. He is the future…not guys who can run and jump, but can’t pass, shoot or handle the ball. Ball players, not athletes. You can win with guys like Mason.

Someone recently asked me how I’d describe Mason and I said savvy with a high basketball IQ. He just does these little things - aside from scoring and rebounding - that don’t really stand out but are so smart. For example, I just rewatched the LSU game to update my shot charts, and a Tigers player missed a shot and the ball got tipped high in the air near the 3-point line. Mason, knowing he probably couldn’t outjump the LSU player battling him for the ball, just instinctively tapped the ball to Jalen Harris and kickstarted the break.

I think he can sometimes get in his own head a little bit, but he keeps playing and stays aggressive more often than not. You’re absolutely right, too. You can win with guys like him.

Can you imagine the backyard games he had with his brother and sister.