Anderson hopeful bench guards settle in

"They’re in position to make them. They’re taking open shots, they just have to knock them down.”

Entering the 2nd month of SEC play, Mike Anderson is hopeful Desi Sills and Keyshawn Embery-Simpson will settle in offensively: … uary-stre/

Appreciate the article. Been thinking the same thing, Keyshow, Sills and even Harris have a better form than their shots are proving. I think all three could end up in the thirties before they’re done here.

Keyshawn and Desi have good-looking shots. I think more than anything with Keyshawn it’s about balance and having his shoulders squared to the rim when he releases the shot. I like what they’re adding defensively. Now, if they can bring a bit of consistency on the other end it would be a big plus.

Keyshawn has been drifting sideways on his shot lately as he releases the ball. When he catches the ball and goes straight up it doesn’t appear to be that far off. He needs to drive a shoot some midrange shots to get going.
Desi looks good on his shot it’s just not falling very much. There’s been games where he just don’t shoot much. He needs the reps.
Both of these guards bring it on defense. In time they will be hard for our opponents to handle. I hope we get to watch these 2 play for 3 more years.

Simpson has a good looking shot but Sills kind of pushes the ball off his palm(at least what I have seen on FT) and don’t think he will ever be a good shooter doing that but we have to start getting better shooters in here if we are going to get better.

Jordan Phillips is a good shooter it’s just too bad he transferred.
Maybe Sills and Emery Simpson can get hot that’s our only hope.
I just wonder if they have finally made a decision and let Garland know that he will be going on a medical hardship next year.
That’s the player the hogs missed last season and this year. He can shoot it.
The hogs are in a short supply of scorers.