Anderson Future

Well , is the Coach Anderson in Trouble after the way they played today?

No decision should be made off of one result IMO.

My personal opinion. I don’t think he will be fired or asked to step down, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it does happen.

I don’t think so. It’s not his fault with all of the issues that have take place between transfers and Garland no being able to play. He needs the hogs to have a good season next year. I’m a CMA supporter.

I think the only reason he isn’t gone is because he has gone to tourney 4 of 5 last years before this season. Other than that, that is all I have on why and I have always been a fan of MA. I get frustrated at times with his coaching but always been a fan. Just not sure about the future of this team, especially next year.

I wonder if there will be changes on some of the assistants ?

I think there’s a very good chance we’re better next year without Dan. I have seen stretches with Dan on the bench that we played very well, so it is possible. And I think he limits our offense. With him on the floor, it turns into pick and roll and lobs. For all his talent, he can’t post up and score. Without him, we have more motion. And this year’s freshmen and sophs will be sophs and juniors, a year older and a year wiser.

If I’m wrong and we’re not better, that may doom Mike. But I don’t think today dooms him. Florida is a bad matchup for us this year. Beat us at BWA, beat us worse on a neutral floor. But KA is finally gone.

Kennedy the A&M coach will be looking for a job. He would be a big help

That would be a huge pick up for us

I do not think Mike will be replaced. He might elect to step down, but it would surprise me.

I am also not sure there is any bar that he would have to meet next season. I know many have said he has to have a “good” year next year, but I just don’t think at this point there is any real sense of a commitment to winning at a high level.

It could be the fact that we have the belief that winning teams in our league, such as LSU and Kentucky do it in a manner that we simply refuse to participate in.

Mike has only taken us to 3 NCAA tournaments. So not 4 of last 5.

2 things here,

First, I’m replying to a post that was above yours on this. I have always believed that Mike and his current staff cant teach everything to big men, because they were all guards, and that he needs a true big man on the staff to develop big men. (Portis - projected two and done, that’s what he was, Kingsley - credits Portis for showing him things he learned at the Big Man camp Lebron had, Gafford a freak, but if he’s not catching lobs has issues playing a set offense, or being a back to the basket big, I think someone like Corliss being on staff and all three of those guys would have been better than what they were/are in their last year at AR). JMO

2nd and this is replying to your post SF, I’ve seen us play better with Dan on the bench, but I’ve also seen us get steamrolled with him on the bench. I think we maybe better if he leaves, but I also think we need someone to take his spot or we may get steamrolled by a big next year. In my opinion it could be a good and bad thing if he leaves.

4 tournaments total if you count the NIT.

Go ahead and give us the % JB, I know you want to :wink:

Given the current makeup of this team, this is simply laughable.

Even worse then…thanks for the correction.

I agree with this

Agreed! There will need to be a major recruiting win down the stretch year to be able to replace with Gafford has brought to our team.

Your expertise is overwhelming and I bow to your knowledge.



Just for you baked! :lol: Mike has taken us to the NCAA tournament 37.5% of the time he has been here.