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Heck, I’m excited about the new guys

I hope he’s still excited come January next year, I see a very tough row to hoe ahead for CMA. I think we have the talent but not sure it wil come together as a team in one season, it may look a lot like Kentucky did this year as they had plenty of talent but looked absolutely terrible at times. I’m not saying Mike has as much talent as Ky did I’m just using them as a example of how tough it is to get a young team to play together soundly. Time will tell. WPS

I ran into Isaiah Joe and FS Northside coach Eric Burnett last week at the Fort Smith Razorback Club. Really good to see them again. I covered Joe’s sophomore year and always enjoyed talking with Burnett about him, and in general.

It had been a while since I’d talked with Isaiah, but he remembered me when I walked up, shook his hand and asked how he and his family were. Kind of caught me by surprise. Even asked how I was liking the job with WHS. Such a great kid.

There will certainly be more talent offensively and defensively overall.

More overall basketball players.

Better basketball IQ.

Better depth.

A better Daniel Gafford.

At least one true point guard - we’ll see how good.

More scoring and rebounding from the four spot.

But much less collegiate experience.

By March that will be largely fixed.

The question is…will they play themselves out of the tournament while gaining that experience.

Comments: totally agree with your assessment, although I think because for many of them there’s no college ball experience hence they will listen more to staff and not try to lean on their own understanding more coach able

I hope we are going to be ‘Rollin’ with Mike to the point that being in the Big Dance is a part of the natural order.

Response: I agree, Mike’s program invited to the big dance every season has to be the nature order of things, especially regarding these generations Y will expect nothing less

To tell you how old I am, I covered Eric Burnett when he was a senior at Northside. Where have the years gone?

I will take the high basketball IQ and talent over experience! They should be able to play their way into the Dance! Last years team with all the experience played like there was no sense of urgency and played thier way down to the bubble!
I look forward to seeing them play!