Anderson doesn't expect early departures + live blog

No early departures expected: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … epartures/”></LINK_TEXT>

Live blog: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 17-season/”></LINK_TEXT>

Macon coming back…what a SHOCKER :shock:

For what it’s worth, Mike said this time last year that he didn’t expect anyone to leave the program but two players eventually transferred. … -trasfers/

Yea, he said he didn’t “anticipate” anyone leaving but he hasn’t talked to any of the players yet about their future.

Just kind of a coach speak answer. Said the same thing when rumors were swirling about Whitt leaving. Probably won’t know for sure about Macon or any other potential transfers/early departures until after the award ceremony in April.

Here was Macon on the Bo Mattingly Show before he arrived on campus: … /454183152

Listen to about the 3:10 mark.