Anderson and Thurman seeing 2017 prospect tonight … -prospest/

Interesting with next year’s roster construction that they’d target a wing. You would think a true PG or 4/5.

He’s got Javon Franklin hops…


Oh my…this kid floats on air. Sign him up Coach.

I think there’s a good chance Zhaire gets an offer tonight or in the near future.

Guy looks good but doesn’t really make sense with out roster construction next year. I know we need long athletic wings but PG and Post are very high needs. TAMU, Bama, AU and lots of other SEC teams and much deeper frontcourts than we do.

Berkner won 68-59.

Zhaire scored 16.

Unless of course they know that they are going to have a roster spot open due to a departure.

Ricahard it appears you keep a cap on things! It’s great to have you at your job you make it fun for fans. My 6 year old son knows who you are. I appreciate everything you do!
Thank you fellow hog!

Intriguing prospect. Definitely doesn’t fit our immediate needs, though.

Unless you find/land a point guard and big that can make an immediate impact, it makes sense to me to add a player at a position you are lacking.

The late signing period runs from April 12-17. That’s still a bit away.

Well, looking at the roster next year, here’s what we’d have with guys in their main position. Of course most of those guys are versatile and can play multiple positions.

1 - Barford, Beard, Glasper
2 - Macon, Jones, Garland
3 - Hall
4 - Thomas, Cook, Bailey, Hazen
5 - Thompson, Gafford

Just looking at that, we really can go in any direction, and we’re really lacking a true SF/3 outside of Hall, maybe the feel Zhaire can fill that. With that said, I agree with you though another PG wouldn’t hurt since Barford and Beard are seniors and we don’t know how Glasper will pan out. And can never go wrong with another big, if he can play.

In our system, I don’t think that’s the proper way to assess our talent and roles.

I think CMA looks at it a few different ways depending on his talent make-up:

Perimeter players
Post players



1-5 is really an antiquated way to describe a team in today’s game. Certainly, CMA’s teams, where there is less structure and sets.

Our balance overall isn’t bad when it comes to Guards, Wings and Bigs. We just don’t have a PG who is a competent facilitator and distributor. Depending on the development of our bigs, we may not have a competent interior scorer next year either. Those are the two clear needs in my opinion. Barford, Garland and Hall can all fill the big Wing spot at the college level.

Defense will take a hit with the departure of Manny Watkins (Moses, too, but who knows how the new bigs will play defense). Finding someone who can be a shut-down guard on defense would seem to be the biggest need.

A distribute-first guard could do double duty with this, of course.

An enforcer at the rim would be nice so that the guys who are really big 3’s or 4’s can play those spots.

That said, at this point you are adding “best available talent” and I like kids with hops.

Kinda reminds me of one of my favorite all-time Hogs, Tony Brown.

That’s an old-timer I haven’t thought about. Loved Tony.

If the 6’5" players and those with more height get in the weight room with proper nutrition they can beef up and be physical!
It would just be nice to have a few BIG men. And a true point guard. Whom ever MA puts on the court I’m going to root for and support that’s my job.

For a point guard next year, Glasper may turn out to be an answer to a prayer. I don’t know how his rehab is going on his shoulder. He is short. On the plus side, he can hit the 3, is fearless going to the basket, can dish the ball, will fight and scrap on defense, and loves the running open court style. I am not saying he will be a 30 minute player, but he has the potential to help. Of course, I am biased as he is from my home town and watched him play many many times.