and where was the Artful Dodger on that

and where was the Artful Dodger on Vandy’s first touchdown run? I watched him sightsee while running sorta alongside the RB with the ball. He most certainly did not challenge the RB, nor make much attempt to get in his way.

It turns my stomach to watch him every week.

He gives zero effort.

Who are you talking about?

Not costly, but he whiffed big time on that first down that got called back for holding

Not too costly, but he was the last defender on the goal line to run their score to 37 and he hesitated just enough to make a dive at the RB and dodge to allow the score. Rewatch it to see if I am exaggerating again.

Our second string safeties must be really, really bad.

Yeah, that’s a scary thought.

I really don’t think he would start at a single other Power 5 school.