And we have our NLR opponent

The new signed contract with ESPN says we will have 1 football game and 2 basketball games on ESPN+. I believe it is 2 basketball games, but not 100% sure on that. These games we allowed to dictate their starting time, thus the reason the Mo St game wil start at 6pm.

Every home SEC football game will be televised or streamed. The UAPB game last season was shown on SEC Network, which brought a production truck to Little Rock.

I think ESPN+ has the right to stream up to two non-conference basketball games per school each year, but it won’t at every school because it will be capped at 20 total SEC basketball streams. I don’t think Arkansas had an ESPN+ broadcast last year. Kentucky had two.

Yes but he’s still a very cerebral player. He will be a good test for us. And remember, we’ve lost to an individual in NLR before. Roy D. Mercer was a bigger boy than we were a few years ago. And who could forget what Bay Bay did to us last year. That was almost a one man butt whuppin.

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Don’t get me started, man. It’s The Lord’s day.
Such a stupid game to play (for a ton of reasons), but hey, the people who don’t fill the arena in NLR to watch it, they love it.

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