And we have our NLR opponent

So we know who Jeremy won’t get to see.


I’m starting a go fund me for tickets to the Bradley game in NLR for Jeremy!


:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

We’re playing Bill Bradley? By himself? Heck the dude is nearly 80 years old.


Jeremy better charge your phone up to stream this game for us all this year if you’re getting free tickets. Somebody’s gotta do it! I think flo sports just removed any remaining doubts about the espn mothership can’t figure out how to stream Little Rock games without a 10 million upgrade to the arena and a couple of satellite trucks :roll_eyes: ya right. If Little Rock can’t sell enough tickets to that game to cover their expenses with some competition from a espn+ broadcast. Then I guess they don’t need to be having games in Little Rock. Oh and we always lose there. That’s all. Thanks to OP for the early opportunity to get my bi-annual anti Little Rock game rant over. Until next time


:rofl: :rofl:A brilliant idea just hit me. We can raise more go fund me money if it’s for Coach Richardson and Jeremy. Maybe Jeremy can use his phone to show the game on Facebook live while Coach does the play by play. I’ll bet @jeremy can grab one of those really nice cares off the lot, pick up Coach and head to NLR. I’ll throw in a burger at CJ’s Butcher Boy joint in Russellville as part of the deal… :wink:

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Good one, Danny, but if Coach is going with me, we’ll need to borrow the Little Debbie jet, lol.

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You want the 16 seater or the 8 seater? As if I can get them nowadays….
They were handy back in the day… :wink:

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I’m not greedy. The 8 seater will be fine. :rofl:

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:rofl: :rofl: Anything for you or Nolan…. :wink:

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Bradley’s schedule shows 3 p.m. tip time in NLR on Dec. 17.

Bradley announced its schedule, which confirmed the date. Scottie wrote some about the Braves:

If the game is at 3:00, that would probably mean it’s on tv. SEC Network is usually showing multiple games on Saturday’s by then, football will be over. And I mean the actual SEC Network, not the digital streaming platform. Simmons Bank Arena can handle that no problem.

Last year’s LR game was at 1 p.m. No TV.

Last year’s game was at night. We ate dinner in Little Rock at Flying Fish then went to the game. It started at 7:00 pm. I looked back, and SEC Network televised 3 games that day

You’re right. The women played the 7 p.m. game on the 18th. Still does not mean SECN will show it. I will be very surprised if that is the case.

Oh those three games that SECN showed that day? All played on campus. Prewired arenas.

They didn’t use streaming for those games if they were on SEC Network. They were all broadcast from production trucks. You’re right, any additional games that weren’t pick up by the regular SEC Network would have been required to show on the digital format, which Simmons Arena doesn’t have. The games they showed that day over the air didn’t matter if they were wired digitally or not in the arena. That’s not how they were telecast. That’s why they could show UA vs UAPB last year at WMS. It was not streamed. They’ve been televising games from Alltel, Verizon, Simmons Bank Arena for over 20 years now, even NCAA Tournament games, just has to be over the air, not streamed

Doesn’t matter whether it’s streamed or not. BWA doesn’t need trucks for SECN because everything is already there. Neither does the new Tad Pad or Memorial Gym or Misery Arena.

I guess it will depend on how valuable the SEC Network views the game vs Bradley if they want to televise it or not. They could have chose to not show the UAPB football game I suppose, but they did televise it, even without digital wiring. The Rice game was a streaming game only, so I know the SEC doesn’t have a rule for football to all be on broadcast tv. Are all the football games required to be on some manner of television? I don’t know

I don’t think any decisions have been made about which basketball games will be on TV this year. Tip-off times can change.