And we had to pay them to come here and kick our a?

Let that sink in for a moment.

Now… how fragile will this team be? I fear this may cause a collapse and we may not win another game this year. Real soul searching require in all aspects of this team and staff!!

How much did we pay? Anyone know?

Arkansas paid $1.5 million.

This game will definitely test their grit. If we come out and beat A&M next week, this game will look just like a fluke.

I disagree. If we win the A&M game down at Jerry’s World, that game will be the fluke… especially considering our record the last few years.

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Call it what you want, but if we were to win next weekend, that would set the table of progress moving forward.

Will not be much of a game. A&M will win easily. Mond will have a career day – every QB we play seems to have a career day against us… Snarkel was beyond bad tonight. And, I don’t see him magically doing a 180 next week.