And we didn’t start Wicklander...

Trying to force a game 3?

Don’t know if they were trying to force a game 3 but Matt had a nice stat on Conner. Last 4 starts at Baum 251/3 innings had given up 1 ER. 2 of those games were against Super regional teams so hard to argue. Unfortunately didn’t work out today

of course that was the thinking. You can bet the coaches didn’t want to win today. Either that of they really have no idea what they’re doing. They should read message boards more often.

Yeah, our coaches are idiots that dont like winning

The way we are playing D and walking guys it looks like a concession.

well we are going to have a game 3 and I bet he was thinking I would rather have a LH in that game b/c OM has not hit LH very well at all,the problem with Wicklander though is you never know what kind of control he’s going to have,well we better dang sure hope he’s on tomorrow or its going to sad sad!!

Noland has been your number 2 and Wicklander 3.

I see no reason to have changed things, especially since Noland has pitched so well at Baum lately.

Of course, I don’t practice revisionist history either.

And to suggest DVH conceded this game by not starting Wicklander is absolutely crazy.


Yeah, Dave had that in the game plan, too.

I really think he was thinking Noland has been pitching great and pitched great in Hoover against them and so has Wicklander and OM has a worse time against LH than we do so better to have to he LH on the mound in game 3.

Yeah, this was the first time he has struggled at home in a long time. He has been outstanding at home in almost every other start.

It is 1 darn game! Series tied 1-1. The hogs either earn it tomorrow or its next year! I’ll bet if the basketball hogs were in back to back sweet 16’s we would all be happy! No matter what happens tomorrow the higs have had a great year! Thanks to Tanner and the committee for setting up the seeds to where we could face another SEC in the super!

Great teams rise to the occasion, I believe we have a great team…

It is so very obvious that DVH has no clue about college baseball. Lost a game to a very good team. Better fire him! Of course, he could read this board and learn the game in a few minutes. Can’t believe how dumb he is and how smart we all are.

Yes Jim. Sometimes you have to just shake your head at some folks.

It’s truly amazing. I can’t believe some fans.