And TTech goes winless

They were ranked #3. Welcome to SEC baseball y’all.


And to make things worse, they have to go back to Lubbock. :laughing:


Seems the Texas teams are learning what SEC means. The SEC is certainly tough in football and basketball, but they are over the top in baseball. The league is the equal a AA league and probably closer to AAA. This serious business. I think winning the SEC regular season title is one of the most difficult championships there is.

You are exactly right, Jim. The level of competition is definitely AA level, but the accommodations (travel, hotel, etc.) are at least AAA or above.

Either the SEC West is just brutally tough, or Tech just underperformed during this tournament (similar to the Hogs in Houston last year). Perhaps both.

These wins will certainly help the SEC teams’ RPI’s, but I still expect Tech to be in the discussion for a national seed come late May.

Looks like the Hog game will get started late again tonight…they are already running behind.

Tech’s weekend reminds me a lot of what happened to Arkansas last year in Houston. They were in every game, but the defense and pitching mistakes let them down.

No way Texas Tech is the No. 3 team in the country. They’d be No. 5 in the SEC West.

Rough weekend for the Tech. Maybe the Longhorns can join them at 0-3.

Accommodations and travel are well, well above AAA and coaching is equal at least. Talent is there as well, but not so much experience. I promise a SEC win means more to fans and players than wins do at AAA; therefore, perhaps more team pressure, but probably not individual pressure.

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Probably a couple teams in the East would also present some problems.

Baseball America moved OM up to #1 after two wins. Hogs moved from 14th to 6th. Florida dropped to 7th after losing the series to Miami. Tech dropped to 12th.

D1 won’t be updating their rankings until tomorrow, just because of the tournament.

I think Tech could be really good by the end of the year. A lot of the things that got them beat in our game and the others are correctable.

By the way the Tech fans at the tournament were a pretty nice group overall, though naturally they were disappointed. The UT people showed up in decent numbers but they kind of had to sit there and take it. A lot of them left after the seventh-too many hog calls and horns down for their taste.

They won’t be too fond of what is happening today either. The RebNecks lead 5-1 T8.

I don’t put a terrible amount of stock early. And this is early. No one has been outside enough to judge too much.

It’s been a good start though.

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You must admit Clay, that it is fun watching the shorthorns lose, as they too went winless.

They did not even put the ball in play. Swing and misses. They had more 0-fors than a box of Cheerios.

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