And then there were three for Moses Moody

As of now, I think he will OV to Virginia.

For the record, I lean toward us pulling this one out, but UVA really scares me. Moody has allowed them to get in the thick of things really quick.

The question to me is why? Most kids say they just know it felt right, for him to be down to Michigan and AR (he’s visited both), then allow Virginia back into the fold, obviously he’s not 100% sold on either of those two schools.

I will say it again. It scares me that Moses looks like a typical Virginia guard and Coach Bennett has told him that. But I still think Arkansas is the favorite.

This is all speculation, but I think the ability to play at home in front of his family wins the day.

I’m with PJ though in that UVA scares me. I know if I was a young hooper that Tony Bennett would be at the top of my list. Winner, seems like a great dude, teacher and a true gentleman.

Unless it’s happened very recently, UVA hasn’t offered KK. Hopefully, that will give us the edge with Moses. Since Moody hasn’t scheduled an OV with UVA yet, maybe he asked them if they would offer KK before he would schedule?

A poster here asked me to go read Tony’s profile on Wikepidia. Very impressive. I can see why Tony can win over a recruit and his parents based on his own profile. No coach in America can compete with that. Of course, there are other things that matter to a recruit and we hope we win out there over UVA.

I wish some of our fans would hold off bragging about the Virginia coach at least until after signing date. PJ, you’re really confusing me on this Moody recruitment.

Are you under the impression that Moody is reading this board and basing his decision based on random message board posters?

His momma reads the board but that’s not my problem. I think out of respect for our new coach who is trying to recruit for the future of the program bragging on our competition could be tempered.

Just curious, how do you know she reads THIS board

I know she does! All the top recruits parents have access. Surely you knew that.

Actually they don’t, I’ve had discussions with Dudley about this before. This is a paid board. There are free ones. If all the “top recruits” families can afford to be on all the paid boards they are rich.

If not, they’re probably on the free ones. And the WholeHog site can’t give them free access because it’s a NCAA violation.

So again, how do you know she’s on “THIS” board

Edit: I know nothing about the Moody family, so I don’t know if they can afford to pay for all the sites or not (hence my question on how do you know she’s on this one in particular), I just know most of the “top recruits” aren’t supposed to come from well off backgrounds.

Jerry, just for the record, we were all talking about how Coach Cal’s NBA prep pitch to Malik Monk was a threat and how treatment by Nolan of Kahn Cotton, KeVaughn Allen’s AAU Coach, was a threat. And Mike Anderson probably was working as hard to build the program as Muss is.

Correction! Not me! I loved Mike and would have never bragged on Cal. I’m a Hog fan. I’m sick and tired of part timers. I support the Coach who is coaching at the moment. I’ve said before Nolan is my all time favorite! Muss is here now and he’s my coach!

I’m certain of it.

As I have noted before, I am well aware of which recruits and their parents are members.

That being said, it isn’t going to make a bit of difference in the end whether Tony Bennett gets a compliment or not.

But it is one of the reasons why I caution posters to think about how they would want others to talk about their sons or daughters.

I know me and you have discussed this before (recruits and parents being on here) but not all parents are on the paid side. Some are on the Lounge where not as much info or discussions happen