And then there were Four (3xSEC + 1xPac12)

Well, we are down to the Final Four and it certainly
has an SEC flavor to it. I hope MSU sends the Pelts
a packin’ back to Oregon.

For us, I’m not very comfortable seeing Florida yet
again. I know we are 2-2 versus them and they must
beat us twice, but that just mirrors things from 2012
for me. So I fully expect for Perry Costello to somehow
pop up in our game behind the plate. Also, the one time
this year we really got smoked was the 2nd game at Florida
for a 17-2 loss. A game where our pitcher didn’t even make
it out of the 1st inning!! Who was that, it was the same
pitcher we have lined up for Friday night - Campbell. I
hope this is his shot for redemption and we don’t see a
a repeat.

I don’t mind playing Miss Steak in the championship round, but I do hope the Beavers win the next game. Alligators don’t worry me. We got this.

Campbell not making it out of the 1st inning in his last outing may work to his/our advantage this time around. He was obviously having one of his very off nights. So they didn’t see his tendacies in later innings when he is on.
Maybe I’m just overly optimistic. Either way we have plenty of BP strength & we handled Singer quite well last time too.

If we hit the ball we will win. Campbell is more than capable of going 4 or 5 innings. We need to play solid defense and avoid giving the Gators 4 or 5 outs in an inning.
I expect the final score to be
Hogs 10
Gators 3
Winning pitcher Campbell
First run scored Eric Cole
First RBI Heston K.
Homers Martin, Bonfield, Shaddy

We should beat the Gators one out of two, but I believe we finish them tonight. We have the best team…

Campbell’s last outing was against USC-E in the Super Regional. He went 4 full innings, giving up 2 ER.

Correct Marty, thanks for clarifying. I meant his last outing against FL.

Gotcha, Jimbeau. BTW, if you will start your response after the last (/quote) where the parens are brackets, it will not show your response as a part of the quote.

Ahh ok Marty