And then there was one

Team from the SEC still standing. A team that has yet to play very well, but still finds itself in the Elite 8…The Arkansas Razorbacks! Go Hogs!


Go Hogs…we need maximum effort to get to the final 4.

If we beat Baylor, I really think we might win the whole dang thing. Baylor will be very tough but we can do it if we play well.

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No excuse for Bama. They couldn’t have had an easier path to the Elite Eight. They only had to beat a 15 seed, a 10 seed and an 11 seed. If they could have chosen their best possible path, this was exactly what they would have asked for. No team is going to win a sweet sixteen game when they shoot 11-25 on free throws. Plain and simple, they choked.

Our offense hasn’t clicked on all cylinders, but we played very well against TT, who was favored in the game. We’ve played very well defensively in all 3 games. If we can get Moses back with his confidence in his shot, and continue playing great defense, we can beat Baylor.

There’s no doubt we will be fired up for Baylor tomorrow night. I’m actually feeling pretty good about the game. I’m sure I’ll be a nervous Nellie about 8:45 tomorrow night, but I like the match up if Moody finds his way back to his pre-tournaments form.


We will certainly have to have Moody at his best, another 4-20 night and we are toast!

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Bayluh opened as a 5.5 point favorite in Vegas, it’s already gone to 7.5. Fine with me.

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It’s tough to vouch for my level of sobriety less than 24 hours out, but I will root hard for my Hogs regardless. :sunglasses:

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Dad says to root at home… :rofl:

Thanks, Dad, lol. Just me, my dog, and my Bud Light. Giving the car keys to my dog. If he figures out how to use them, I’ve got bigger problems. :joy:

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Yeah, I saw that 5.5, but I believe that was a misprint. Nearly every strip casino opened at 7, including all the MGM owned casinos. I did see that Caesars/Harrahs, who also owns 7 or 8 strip casinos, opened at 6.5, but a couple of big early bets, and they quickly went to 7. Then late today, most went to 7.5.

I think 7 - 7.5 would be a normal line. But, here at the end of the season, the Hogs have proved to me that they are not playing in a “normal” fashion. In about the last 13 games the Hogs have played to their competition, be that “up to” or “down to”. The 2 exceptions are the blow out of Bama in the 2nd game and the head scratcher with LSU in the SEC tourney.

I believe this game tomorrow night will be another game where the winner will be the team that makes a last second defensive stop or a last second shot to win.

I will admit though that I wouldn’t run to bet the Hogs +7. I might have to though if it goes to double digits.

Dang Jeremy…I think Bud Light is Dudley’s favorite. Y’all got a couple things in common.

If you look at it that way, then both SEC teams had an easy path to Elite Eight. We had 14, 6 and a 15 seed. But we capitalized on that. Bama didn’t.

I think his point is that ‘Bama’s path was easy because 2/3 of their games were against opponents that pulled upsets in previous games. Only 1/3 of Arkansas’ opponents did.

At this point, no game is easy, but Alabama missing UConn and Texas made their path to the EE “easier”.

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Yes. I didn’t say they were equally easy,

I’m just glad the Hogs are the last SEC team standing. I’ve never consistently rooted for the other conference brethren (neither during the NCAAT nor during bowl season). Tonight, I was rooting for UCLA big time.

I’ve always felt like if we are recruiting against someone, it does us little good when they succeed. Also plays well in recruiting that Coach Muss is still coaching while the SEC COY will be home watching.


For sure, LD. I’ve known Dudley for a long time. I used to bug him for recruiting info even when I was a manager. He knew more than I did. Still does. Great company to keep.

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Coach Oats benefited greatly from having Petty and Jones back. Muss didn’t have that luxury. Besides Desi, he had an all new team. Who knows where we would have been with Mase and Joe back? It doesn’t matter now, of course, but no one can tell me Muss didn’t coach his a$$ off this season. He not only should have been SEC COY, but also national COY. And now he’s going to shock the world tomorrow night AND get PAID! Go Hogs!

I don’t like switching venues again. Shooting in a large arena may not be good for the team.

Plain, commonsense…

Baylor went from Lucas Oil South court, which is where we’re playing tonight, to two games in Hinkle and now back to Lucas South.

We went Bankers Life, Hinkle, Bankers Life and now Lucas South. But familiarity with the rims at Bankers Life didn’t help much against ORU. I don’t think having played in Lucas South before helps BU any,

By the way, the South court is the one they’ll use for the Final Four, although they’ll put down a new floor with Final Four markings. Same rims, I’m sure. So we’re on Lucas South for the duration, however long that is.

UH and Molester State are playing on Lucas North tonight.

Weird NCAA court trivia: Our Final Four in 1978 was played in the now-demolished Checkerdome in St. Louis (the FF arenas we played in in 1990, 1994 and 1995 are also gone). The Checkerdome didn’t have a suitable basketball floor, and the NCAA didn’t order special floors for the tournament at that time. So they borrowed Indiana’s floor from Assembly Hall, packed it up and sent it down I-70 to St. Louis.

The only Final Four arena we’ve played in that still exists is the oldest, Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City. We lost in the semifinals in '41 and '45, although the '45 final was in the old Madison Square Garden in New York City, which is also gone.