And then there was ONE..........

…Oops, sorry 'bout that W Michigan! Here is a composite rankings (56) of the 128 teams eligible for the FBS National Championship. Top 4 looks just about what will come out for the BCS rank this week. Uh-oh, CBP and Louisville sitting 5th, and Ohio St./Michigan guaranteed a loss. :sunglasses:

This will be interesting, if Ohio St beats Michigan, they aren’t conference champs. They need help. I thought the whole complaint a few years ago was Bama playing LSU because Bama didn’t win a conference championship. Louisville needs help to. Clemson has the inside track to the conference championship.

Washington can bump 'em. But they got to beat Wash St. on the road and then win the PAC 12 Championship game. Providing Louisville wins out and the committee doesn’t put a two loss team in. Yes, interesting!

It is entirely possible that both Clemson and Louisville make the CFP field if they both win out. Louisville has Houston (at Houston) and UK remaining. The committee was willing to put A&M in the top 4 a couple weeks ago despite the Aggies being in second place in their division; same would apply to Louisville at 11-1. And winning at Houston would give the Fighting Petrinos another quality win.

I am not looking forward to moderating the Lounge if that happens.

Let me do it :twisted:

Great for us readers though! :lol:

Maybe not. When it gets too crazy, it’s much easier to just delete whole threads instead of editing them. Oh yes, and we can put people on timeouts. :twisted: