And then a Baseball Game Broke Out!
Oh by the way Mr. Puig, you just got traded! :sunglasses:

Yasiel Puig is such a great physical talent with such a bad head. He is having a good season, but he is just not the kind of team player who makes a team better. He is a distraction. He has physical skills similar to Mike Trout, but his production is nowhere near Trout’s. The difference is between the ears. The Dodgers finally gave up on the guy, and it didn’t take long for the Reds to tire of him. It is a shame to watch all that talent just languish. If anybody needed a mental coach…it is that guy.

The Reds, his teammates nor the Reds fans had any issue with Puig this season. He was a fan favorite as well as a good teammate and citizen from day one in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, the Reds aren’t showing the signs of a team that will ultimately make the playoffs and made the business decision to make the trade instead of getting into a free agent contract that would likely fall somewhere between the types of contracts that Cain and Upton have signed for 5 years between 80-106 Million Dollars. If the Reds were in a playoff race this trade probably wouldn’t have taken place, but that’s not the case. So, the Reds made the choice to get something for him now rather than nothing at seasons end.
Puig got off to a slow start offensively, but has come on strong over the past couple of months. He was batting 257 with 23 HR’s and 61 RBI’s which matches his HR total from all of last season and 2 RBI’s short of last years total. He was well on pace to put up 30+ HR’s and 90+ RBI’s if he had played a full season as a Red.
Unfortunately, baseball is not just a game, but a business and those small to medium market franchises have to play a different game financially than those large market clubs. That’s why I cheer every season when teams like the Yankees aren’t able to purchase the World Series Championship, it gives all of the rest of us in smaller markets hope that our teams can win it all if everything falls in place.

Tampa Bay and Oakland have done amazing things with those franchises. Tampa Bay has attendance about like the Arkansas Travelers and play in a substandard ball park, yet they consistently field a solid team. Oakland doesn’t support the A’s, yet they have good teams more often than not. Some franchises are managed well…some are not, but Tampa Bay and Oakland are.

Cincinnati has been an also-ran for so many years. When was the last time they made the playoffs? It must be 25-30 years since they have been good. The Cubs languished for decades until the Rickett family bought them, and now they are one of the best and most valuable franchises in MLB.

Actually, the Reds made the playoffs in 2010, 2012 and 2013.
They lost to the Giants 3 games to 2 in 2012 and the Giants went on to win the World Series that season. So, although they haven’t won a World Series since 1990 they have been able to produce some pretty good teams just not consistently.
I agree with the fact that Oakland has been able to get into the playoffs quite a bit with little support and lower salaries, but Tampa Bay had a stretch of 4 playoff appearances between 2008-2013 with one World Series appearance which they last to the Phillies in 5 games, I would not consider that organization to be a model of consistency.
The Cubs have deep pockets much like the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers in order to build their roster and like these others are a major market team.
I would put the Reds in the same category as the Brewers and Royals in terms of market size and how they have to build their teams.
Hopefully, my Reds and our Hogs will have some glory days yet to come in the future before my days are done.

I never remembered Cincinnati in the playoffs in the 2000’s. That is hard to believe. Only a Reds fan would know that.

Tampa Bay has no fan support, no free agent wants to come there, yet they battle the Yankees and the Red Sox in their division every year. This year the Rays are only 7.5 games behind the Yankees and are ahead of Boston in the standings again this year. That is pretty remarkable how they continue to field a competitive team every year in that division. They have to let their best players go via free agency, so they build their teams through the draft and trades. What they do with that franchise is pretty danged amazing.

They did sign Charlie Morton as a FA from the Astros last offseason and he’s 12-3 with a 2.78 ERA this year. Two years, $30 million.

Speaking of the Rays, they traded Ryne Stanek to the Marlins at the trade deadline. So one less Hog in Tampa.

Well, I’m a Reds fan born and raised in Sherwood, Arkansas whom has now lived in Northern Kentucky about 15 minutes from Cincinnati, Ohio for the past twenty years. So, that’s why when I read a post from someone that has absolutely no idea what they are talking about and aren’t at all close to the facts of the situation I have to straighten them out.
It’s always best that you actually have facts and knowledge about your subject when you decide to make a post and in this case the poster did not.
The poster just saw the baseball brawl, thought it would be a simple post, but without the complete facts was spewing fake news about Yasiel Puig and the Cincinnati Reds situation.
The fact that you didn’t know that the Reds qualified for the MLB playoffs in the 2000’s and haven’t been any good in 25-30 years is a lack of knowing your chosen subject matter. This is a good reminder for posters to have a better handle on your subject matter when deciding to post their comments on this or any type of public forum. If you don’t truly know what you’re posting about perhaps do a bit of simple research to do a bit of self fact checking prior to making false statements about subject matter that you aren’t actually familiar with in the future.

I am sorry the Reds suck…I really did not know they made the playoffs the times you mentioned…I’m serious. Since the 70’s the Reds have been pretty bad. Yasiel Puig was a huge distraction for Los Angeles…why do you think they traded him to the Reds? You like him because he was a Red for a short time, yet he is gone again. He is a talent, but he is a head case. I have watched this guy for years with LA. He has tremendous physical skills, but he is a screw up. That is not even up for debate. He is fun to watch, but he ain’t no choirboy. I never looked at the brawl with Puig. He has been in those situations many times in his career.

And by the way, I will put my baseball knowledge up against yours again day, Farris. Don’t be so butt hurt that I didn’t know the Reds made the playoffs…nobody did except for Reds fans. The Reds are kinda like my Razorbacks…they used to be good and had a nice tradition, but it has been a while. Check you later.