. . . and the SEC QB rankings . . .

https://www.seccountry.com/sec/sec-qb-p … g-practice

Solid. Interested to see what Fitzgerald looks like this year. Patterson and Stidham, too.

Interesting to say the least because in the national rankings several of those QB’s ranked higher than AA. Some much higher.

No argument here. Looking for a big year from AA. I just hope CBB treats him like the indispensable man that he is and gets him off the field when the issue is no longer in doubt.

I agree. The problem is, however, that our games are usually too close (or we are behind but have a plausible chance of coming back) to take the number 1 QB out. Seems like we never have a blowout anymore. Hopefully, against some of these non-conference foes this season (Florida A&M, Coastal Carolina, NM State) he can get a few series in, and we can then focus on the battle for starting QB in 2018 the rest of those games.

Even in those type games, he’s left the starter in too long IMHO Wiz. Really need to protect Austin this year. Just look at the beatings he took in games we were blown out of last year.

It’s good to see AA get the credit he deserves - he is a great college QB

Good read. Yes the defense Must pick it up.

But IMO if we don’t protect AA this year we’re cooked.

OT— But is there a way to check? I thought big brother and really TW took more hits than anyone I can remember…