And the same beat

Goes on. Never changes. Buyers will win another NC.

I think it’s Dukes turn this year. I’ve kinda lost track of the rotation.

It’s so wrestling.

Gonzaga is left.

Gas, it seems that this is what college basketball has become. It like a real estate market that’s always for the buyers. Haves are always there and have nots know why but can’t change things because of low cash flow.

The Refs are the power brokers that allowed both Duke and Kentucky to advance. Duke fouled twice in their last possession to get the win over UCF and last night they fouled several times with no call and on the other end I wondered how a foul could be called until I thought well that’s Duke. The same can be said for the Kentucky.
The blue bloods get all the help they need!

Army, you’re so right about this. The national media should be all over what happened at the end of the Duke and UCF game. Unfair advantage!

National media, cloaked in truth and love, swoops in for the save. Never ever. I think they are all in on Zion. Wonder what ads go for in a Zion game?

Every game I watched last night, including AUB (who won) vs UNC there were questionable calls in favor of the blue bloods. Happens every year. Sometimes a team is able to overcome it, sometimes they’re not

In addition to refs, bluebloods have basketball gods on their side. They are unbeatable. Cannot believe how the last shot didn’t go in for both UCF and Va Tech.

Oh, I agree completely.