And our new Coach is

Hugh Freeze, and he is bringing Bobby Petrino back as his OC!

Seriously, we all want a HC that can bring back some pride to our once storied program - I truly believe that if HY moved on from LK then we have to see what transpires.
That being said, if he wanted Kiffin (as probably 90%+ of fan base did) and we lost out for any reason (especially to the team in Oxford that I cannot stand to say the name of), then he needs to go find another AD job today.
We could however be surprised by HY’s selection - our new Coach might not be an option B at all, maybe a Harsin or Fuentes(sp?). If not one of these, then I would say that he probably blew it all to hell and is a gone pecan

I still say it’s Wood “Clutch” Newton.