And on StubHub

You can get upper deck seats for the Bama game for as low as $6.

I know some are going to poke fun at that, but I look at it as a great opportunity for someone to get tickets who might not otherwise have the means to attend a game of this magnitude.

I don’t disagree. That was being discussed on Facebook, by Garrett Lewis of Channel 5 among others. But it’s also pretty sad and an indictment of our fan base.

I can bring around 30 Bama fan allocated tickets and let them go for much lower than that.

We’re coming, but if Bama scores on the first kickoff, and then their next possession with super ease, I may watch the rest of the game on Dickson Street somewhere. Maybe in Does eating Tamales; I think Nick taught us that.

Maybe it is an indictment. Idk.

I have season tickets. I live 5 hours away. I was in a wreck a couple of weeks ago and am still kinda dinged up.

Still going to try and go. In order to do so, I’ll either have to leave Friday night and get there late or leave out at about 4 AM Saturday.

That’ll mean I miss my daughter’s Saturday soccer game. In order to be back for my son’s 5th grade football game (I coach) Sunday at 2 we will either have to leave Saturday afternoon after the Bama drubbing or around 7am Sunday.

Did I mention this is all for a game that’s likely to be a laugher by 11:30?

So, idk. I’m probably still going but if I don’t am I an indicted bad fan?

I got 190 club seats for free

I remember complaining 8 years ago when tickets where 200+ up top. This is their chance to go see arkansas play #1 team. It should be packed. Money is certainly not an excuse.

Does won’t be open so good luck with that.

Huh? Whycome?

Maybe it is, Adam. Morning kickoffs suck whether the team is good or bad, but if we were 4-0 a lot more people would be there. I’m not going to be there either, but I also wouldn’t be there if we were 4-0, or if it was a 6:30 kickoff.

I’m probably going. The quality time with the kid is priceless.

Yes I realize we’re 1-4, but close enough. Still 0-4 against FBS opponents.

A few years ago when the north end zone expansion was being proposed some here were saying that we needed more inexpensive seats. Long said that this would open up opportunities for those. Well, here they are . I have 2 friends, that between the three of us have 10 extra tickets we are trying to place. We will have a big ole expensive empty stadium for all the recruits coming in. I understand the reasoning, but durn , times have changed. I am more than a little disappointed with this.

Arkansas has always had about 40.000 good loyal fans. Many of those people have gotten much older and have passed or not able to go anymore. We have very poor fans as a whole, and we take first place in being not very bright about football.

Fred, you won’t get in at Doe’s until 5 p.m. They don’t do lunch, just dinner. Sorry. At least, that’s what it says on their website. I thought that was right before I looked it up.

My group will be there.

Kind of sad to me to see the people who have season tickets who choose not to go because a) we will probably get killed and b) it’s an 11:00 game. I’m not slamming on anyone but if I buy season tickets, I’m there regardless. Oh well! Hopefully others will gobble up the tickets and root them on.

My wife and I are coming from Dallas area and just going to do the 10 hour round trip. We initially had hotel booked but once the early game announced, changed plans and at least it gives us Sunday back.

I was just discussing same topic with some friends but television and the big business of college football is more challenging now on fans who go to the ball games. I remember back in the day Sept games were all 7p and Oct/Nov were normally daytime with few exceptions. Now you have to wait 2 weeks before game (sometimes one week) to even know how to plan. Arkansas’ first 2 home games would have been excellent night games with great weather and all day tailgating…instead, we had to sit out in 95 degree heat at the hottest part of the day :frowning: Although i have to say i do love being able to watch all the games on TV :smiley:

I just saw an article earlier with Saban complaining on low turnouts although it was focused more on the students, but not just a problem with teams having a tough go of it this year.

Yeah I saw the same thing. Students seem to have other priorities even at Bama.

Doesn’t open until 5 p.m.