And Mr. Irrelevant in the NFL Draft...

Is Chad Kelly, the Ole Miss mutant.

That is an appropriate title for him and may he achieve in that manner.

Dude is definitely a putz. But of the QB class just drafted, I would risk a decent wager that he will have the most successful pro career.

John Elway called Chad’s uncle Jim Kelly and asked about him. Jim said he is a good kid. All John needed to hear.

Guy has a lot of talent and he’ll be around a coach that can reign him in.

I sure wouldn’t bet against him making a roster despite all the issues surrounding him

I agree. When he signed to play with OM, I figured they got an “out of control” guy just waiting to make a mistake that would end his career. However, he earned my respect when he made sure he found Brandon, (after their gut-wrenching loss), to congratulate him on a great game.

Ever since that happened, I’ve viewed him as a very talented QB and a great competitor. I wish him nothing but good luck in his NFL career.

Some people take a little longer to grow up. Chad’s competitiveness and talent is up there with the best.
Steal in this draft & Elway knows that.

Expect him to have a good career and will root for him. Just hope he puts his rapping “skills” on hold–lol!

Chad Kelly was the best quarterback in the SEC last year, I thought. He has a good arm and is an excellent runner. He might be the steal of the draft. I don’t know what kind of young man he is today, but he has the talent to play in the NFL. If he has matured enough…he could be really good.

I’ll take that message board wager

But how will I find you in 10 or 12 years to collect? :sunglasses:

He has enough redneck in him to let his temper screw it up for him if he doesn’t realize his opportunity. Just like his antics at the high school football game this year when he was involved in the sideline skirmish.

Not exactly an unbiased reference.
“Swag” Kelly will need a full time handler off the field.

The deal on quarterbacks looking for other quarterbacks is an NFL ritual. It’s something he learned to do from his uncle. I toss it aside a little. It’s something all quarterbacks do after they learn about it. And, he’d been around NFL quarterbacks and knows the ritual. Yes, it showed sportsmanship in a tough situation, but if anyone was going to do that in the SEC it was probably Chad Kelly.

It’s sorta like every recruit announcing they’re “blessed” to receive an offer from Team X. Every single one of them does it, now. It’s the thing to say/do. Then you scroll down their page and it’s full of F Bombs and calling women every name in the book.

It’s a group think/copycat society.